What Not To Eat When Having A Baby

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Happy - June 9

Hi there everyone, I have just found out I'm having a baby and I just want to no, what should i not eat when pg??


Lissi - June 9

Liver, shell fish, peanuts, undercooked meat/eggs and dehli meat. Try not to drink to much coffee. Hmmmm........Now I'm stumped! There must be other things that I forgot. I know there are certain types of fish you should avoid because of high mercury levels but since I don't really eat fish, I can't remember what they are. Anyone else?..... BTW, congratulations Happy!


BBK - June 9

Raw or undercooked meat, deli meats, liver, fish with mercury, (shark, swordfish, kink mackerel, fresh tuna, sea ba__s, and tilefish), fish from contaminated lakes and rivers (blue fish, striped ba__s, salmon, pike, trout, and walleye - these fish are fine if from a farm, just avoid the wild ones), raw shellfish, raw eggs and things that may contain them, imported unpasteurized cheeses, unpasteurized milk, pate, caffeine, alchohol, unwashed vegetables and herbal remedies. DO NOT under any circ_mstances take testimony such as "I drank and smoked crack in my pregnancies and my babies are fine" as a measure of safety. Congratulations and all the best


2 Happy - June 9

A lot of people are very skeptical of just about anything. Im 21 weeks pregnant and I do eat deli meat, and oca__sionaly caffeine, etc and my doc is fine with it. My baby is 100% healthy. Just listen to your dr


To BBK - June 9

The smoking crack comment was too funny!! It's nice to have a laugh in the middle of the day!!


Amy - June 9

Why not deli meat- I have never heard of that, but then it has been 5 years since my last pregnancy! I guess thing change


Happy - June 10

Hey there thanks heaps everyone goodluck with your babies and have a happy and wonderful life. Thankyou once again.


ttcinnj - June 13

I think the deli meat is mentioned because of the bacteria listeria, which has been known to cause m/c.


~E~ - June 13

Lissi: peanuts, what's wrong w/ them? I thought peanuts were good because they are high in protein? Anyone else heard anything about peanuts being on the "Don't Eat" list?


Beccah - June 13

E, "Pregnant women and b___st feeding mothers with a family history of atopy have been advised in a government report to avoid eating peanut products in a bid to reduce the numbers of children who develop peanut allergy. " I got this from a website after searching for "peanuts and pregnancy" on yahoo. **Also be careful of dressings in restaurants. Some are homemade and contain raw eggs, which are to be avoided.


Lissi - June 13

I was surprised to hear this too. I'm just telling you what my midwife told me. She said that there may be a link between eating peanuts during pregnancy and serious nut allergies in children. Apparently it's because nut traces are found in so many of our foods these days, even foods we wouldn't think would have them. I don't know if it's something to get paranoid about, but since I'm not a huge fan of peanuts anyway, it's not much of a sacrafice to give them up. I know a little boy who has a nut allergy and there are so many things he can't eat. He doesn't even get invited to other kid's parties because parents don't want to be responsible for him. I don't think there's anny conclusive proof of this link however. It's just one of those things that's being researched. My mother just laughs at me when I tell her these things, because she ate everything and drank everything whilst pregnant and still produced 3 healthy kids.


Jessie - June 13

Aspartame or any other artificial sugars, deli meat, pork, most fish, eggs need to be fully cooked, processed meats including hot dogs, large amounts of carbs, processed carbs, caffeine and large amounts of soda. On the peanut thing, you’re not supposed to introduce peanuts to babies less than one year of age after that introduce peanuts gradually to reduce risk of allergies to peanuts.


Jessie - June 13

oh, I know pork and processed meats are not commonly heard of so here is why they should be avoided. Pork and processed meats carry nitrites which are one of the leading causes of neurological defects and problems. Don’t freak out of you have eaten them, just try to avoid them for now on. When you look at your processed meat labels you will see some thing called Sodium nitrite that is what you want to stay away from is what pork naturally carries and its also added to processed meats.


Nuts - June 13

Peanuts are fine! People don't know what the heck they're saying. It is good for you because of the protein.


Lissi - June 13

Don't shoot the messenger! Only telling you what I was told, so you can choose to accept it or disregard it as you wish. :) I do know what I'm saying, thanks. There is research that suggest a link just as there is between coffee and IDS. Nobody knows if it's correct, it's up to you to judge. Like I said, I don't know if it's anythig to get paranoid about, but I don't really eat them anyway, so it's no hardship.


Beccah - June 13

Really, lizzie. We're just reporting what we were told. I read this from the British medical journal and I am providing facts with applicable backup.


???????????????? - June 13

Who's Lizzie?



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