What R U Splurging On Or Wanting To

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E - January 5

Okay, so we all have one item we want for the baby that is out of our price range, right? Mine is a stroller. I do not want a mass produced, frumpy Graco and cannot stop looking at the Bugaboo Frog. Yeah, right. There is no way we are getting that puppy, but I want it so badly. Is anyone else going through this about an overpriced item that you can't get out of your head? I am so practical in every other regard but this item has my eye:)


Heavenly - January 5

YES!!!!! Stroller in my case too!!! I want the Eddie Bauer stroller with the little leg cover. It's a travel system and it's like $199!!! OUCH!


Rainie - January 5

Well, just before we found out I was pregnant my dad got a new hobby... wood working. So he decided it would be a great project to make a baby bed, but this is no ordinary baby crib... it's one of thos convertible ones you see in all the baby magazines (first its a baby crib, then a toddler bed, then a full size adult bed) ok in the magazines they are about $400, but when you make it yourself its WAY more expensive he spent $600 on this beautiful wood and with all the parts and accessories to make it I couldn't even tell you how much he has spent!!! Other than that, my baby is pretty much a KMart baby lol.


m - January 6

My splurging was done on maternity clothes. I spent waaaayyyy to much on clothes that I could only wear a few months. As far as baby items, I don't guess I found anything too overpriced. However, just to touch on what Heavenly said, with my second son, I did buy one of those travel systems. It wasn't the Eddie Bauer, but it was still just under $200. Seems like a good chunk of money, but trust me, it's well worth it. With my first son, I bought the car seat and stroller as separates. It was such a b___h taking him out of the seat to get in the stroller, then vice versa. It's so much more convenient to pop the seat into the stroller, then pop it back in it's base in the car. E, I had never heard of the Bugaboo, so I looked it up, and it's too cool! It may be a little pricy, but ladies, keep in mind... with things like strollers, hi chairs, baby beds, etc---- they will last you through more than just the one baby. I have things from my first baby, that I used with my second, and that are still in good enough shape to use with a third baby, if we are blessed with one. And that travel system I bought with baby # 2, will still be in excellent condition for baby # 3. If you think about the fact that you can use it again, it makes it easier to justify splurging. E, I say go for it girl! You only live once! And to quote my brother-in-law's philosophy on splurging.... "You can't take it with you when you go!" This from the guy who bought a $1,500 DOG! LOL.


E - January 6

I dreamed of the Bugaboo last night. lol!! There is no way we are getting it. It is the Stroller to the Stars. I also like the Bertini M5 and it is quite stable. Maybe... I have cut corners in every other regard.


Jenny - January 6

Its always nice to have dreams even though they arent practical. My major slurge is clothes. My daughter is 4 and has more clothes then my husband and I put together. I am 5 weeks pregnant now and I am worried how I am going to buy clothes for both kids.


tiffani - January 6

Wow, what a neat stroller. I can see why you want it, and I can see why you aren't going to buy it. $729.00 is quite pricey. Our biggest splurge was the $1700.00 swing set in the back yard. Can you say buyers remorse? My daughter absolutely loves it though. Do swing sets add value to your home? lol


m - January 6

Wow tiff! I was a little taken aback by the $600 we spent on one. You must have got one of those big ones that do all but wipe your b___t. LOL Ours is one of those big wooden ones with swings, slide, tower, etc. I know what you mean. When the kiddies love it, it's well worth it. We don't have much of a back yard anymore, though.... with the overgrown swingset, trampoline, pool, small garage (LOL) for the battery operated Jeep, etc. But oh well, the debt is worth it if the kids are happy. LOL --- E, that Bertini is a good looking stroller, too! And at half the money! :o)


kate - January 6

Crib..Pottery Barn for kids.Stroller...either Silver Cross or India..something..but must be a pram..will get Perago stroller later.And baby's wardrobe!


Dez - January 6

my splurging was on her clothes, I had to have the name brand, tommy, raulph lauren, nike, from bibs to hats to shoes. I was spending so much money and everyone kept telling me to quit because she was gonna grow out of them fast. I didnt care,lol, plus everyone pretty got everything else for her, stroller, crib, changing table, car seat, dresser,swing, highchair (we actually have two of everything) we lucked out and didnt have to really get much. I did break my bank though with all those clothes. E buy the stroller you want, it might hurt your pocket but its better then being sick thinking about it, lol. plus this is your first baby you have the right to go crazy.


Dez - January 6

Ok E never mind what I said about buying it,lol. wow that price would hurt, you could get the travel system plus more for that. those travel systems are great too. because the rocker can attatches to to car seat base, then you just take the rocker out and attach it to the stroller, so you dont have to mess around and take them out. Plus one of my favorite things is that rocker attaches and locks into place of the grocery cart. m I kinda got hooked on the maternity clothes too, but I am getting ready to put them on ebay, lol.


Dez - January 6

E I am confused is this your first baby


m - January 6

Hey Dez. My clothes are packed away in the attic. I guess if/when I get pregnant again, I'll get rid of the ones that are outdated. Both times I was recently pregnant, I jumped the gun and bought a couple of things. Then had the miscarriages. This time, I'm going to be patient. I couldn't bear to return those things, so I have a few things still with tags on them. I just hope I get the chance to wear them, because it's too late to return! :o) Catch ya tomorrow. Goin to the dentist. YUCK!!


m - January 6

Hey E --- OMG, have you noticed the advertis____nts at the bottom of the thread? How frickin funny! LMAO! I think they're trying to tell you something.


dez - January 6

that is too funny m, i cant quit laughing. advertisers


KM - January 7

me it was also clothes because I had the mother of all baby showers and like everything was bought for me. Also, i DEFINITELY suggest the car seat and stroller in one. Because I have them seperate and it really is a b___h and so inconvenient.


E - January 7

Hillarious M!! I laughed so hard when I saw that. I think google stalks sites and places ads appropriately, or inappropriately for that matter. Eddie Bauer is showing up on this page, another brand mentioned. I wonder, if we talked about penile enhancment would ads appear for that? Let's try an experiment- Huge Penis, Enormous Penis, Bigger Penis, Make Penis Larger. The reason I chose something so innane is that if they place ads in this thread for it, I will KNOW they are snooping. The baby ads may be coincidental, but I do not think so. For anyone offended, it is just a p___s:)



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