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CAA0827 - April 21

I have been pregnant 2x before, 1 m/c, 1 daughter. I am using Natural Family to Avoid a pregnancy. However, last month I started having all these pregnancy symptoms. Sore/enlarged br___ts, nausea, lower back pain, cramps, heartburn, etc. I have only felt this way 2x before, and I was pregnant both times. However, all my tests, both urine and blood have come back negative, and I had a sono which I should have been 5/15 weeks, but nothing was found. My period was due over 3 weeks ago and I had a light bleed, but nothing like my real period. Since then I have no signs of ovulatlion. I am expecting my period in 4 days, but no mucus this cycle and my temps are all over the place(not my normal pattern). I accept than I am not pregnant, but what else could this be. My MD says he don't know why I feel this way, insists that I am not pregnant, my hormones levels are ok, and he says its not a GYN problem. Does anyone have any ideas? I am really confused, and not sure what to thing. What else can make you feel pregnant, that wouldn't be a GYN issue. Thanks


Stephiealisa - April 22

I am not sure what Natural Family is, but if it is a drug could it be that this med has tricked your body into thinking that you are already pregnant to avoid ovulation? Maybe this is why you feel pregnant? Sorry for answering your question with a question haha. Im sure everything is fine.


Grandpa Viv - April 22

Natural Family is where you avoid s_x during the fertile window - one pregnancy expected every 4 years - somewhat less effective than pull-out s_x. Some ovarian cysts put out hormones that mimic pregnancy. An ultrasound would see this if the tech looked in the right place. If you do not get your next period, test one more time, then ask for a referral to a real gynocologist to diagnose your problem. Good luck!


cdmrose - April 24

I don't know much about this, but maybe you should have your thyroid checked...? How old are you? Could you be starting menopause?


schar - April 25

definitely not pg I would get your hormones checked they are definitely off balance



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