What S Your Babe S Heart Rate

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mimi - May 9

Hi everyone! I am 15, almost 16 weeks and my baby's heartrate seems to be running high? (Or maybe not?) At my last OB visit it was 167! I was just curious what your baby's heartrate is and how many weeks you are?? Thanx for the input!


nelly - May 9

i am 29 weeks and my babys hb is always between 150 and 160.





Christy - May 9

When I went for my 10th week check-up I had to have an ultrasound to chek on a cyst on my ovary (which was fine). My baby's heart rate was 175! I was very alarmed but the doctor said it was perfectly normal and expected to have a high heart rate in the begining. If I was in my last trimester, then 175 would be too high. At my 16th week, the heart rate was 157. You know the old wives tale says if the heart rate is 160+ you're having a girl! I wouldn't worry about it. If your doctor had any concerns, I'm sure he/she would have ordered more tests!! I go in the morning to find out what my baby is so we'll see if the wives tale is true for me! (I'm 22 weeks now!)


ca__sandra c. - May 9

at 10w2d my baby's heart rate was 160


mimi - May 10

christy, did you find out?!?!?!? =)


Karen - May 10

When I went for my first check up at 71/2 weeks I baby heartbeat was at 167 which the doc said was normal. At that time I could only see a little dot but the heartbeat was very rea__suring for me. Rebecca how come the doc said it was normal. I know at one of my check up the doc had trouble finding the heartbeat but he told me that he had to be right over the heart, thank god he found it. Please keep us posted.


Maddie - May 10

When I was 18 wks. my baby's heart rate was 148. I'm now at 34 wks. and it's at 146. Is it normal to slow down as the time goes by? A couple of times the heartbeat was as low as 140.


Maddie - May 10

I'm also having a boy...does that fit in with the wives tale? I think so! =)


Karen - May 10

I dont know Maddie cause I am having a boy also and my baby last heart rate was at 157.


Nikki - May 10

My baby's heartrate at 12 weeks was 164! Dr. said that this was real good!


Kelly K - May 10

I'm 14.4 weeks and the rate averages about 150-155. Doc said it's perfectly normal.


Erin - May 10

When I was 16 weeks, mine was 160, since it has dropped. Now at 24 weeks it is steady at 140 each time. The doc said if she listened for 5 minutes instead of 1, it would go up and down a few times.


JB - May 10

The only time I've been told the baby's heart rate was at 13 weeks and it was around 160. This is normal, the baby's heart rate is high than an adult's.


chel - May 10

The normal heartrate for baby is 120-180. Also, you can not hear the heartbeat before 10-14 weeks with a doppler. You can see it on ultrasound but not hear it with the doppler.


Melissa - May 10

I had my first ultrasound at 11 weeks and the heart rate was 171bpm. I am 18 weeks now and Today I had a regular doctors appointment and he used a doppler and the heartbeat was 144bpm. I asked about the difference and he says babies are just like adults, they have fluctuating heart rates all the time, depending on what they are up to. He said the only thing you can count on is that the babies heart rate should always be higher than your own.


Jodie - May 10

It is completely normal for your babys heart rates to vary, when they are sleeping their hearts will be slower to when they are awake and active



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