What S Your Wildest Craving

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JB - March 14

I just wanted to hear what kind of cravings everyone is having and what week did they start. I'm 19 weeks and have not had any cravings.


leslie - March 14

well I started having cravings like on my 8th week, I always want Ice cream but the worst are those cheap noodle soups, they are soo not healthy! I had them when I was a little kid and now I want them again..I eat at least one everyday its crazy..and is not because I am lazy to make something real..I do cook for my bf whatever he wants and then I make myself a soup. Ohh and also Potato Chips Lays


Billie - March 14

My cravings were weird for me and normal to everyone else. I craved hot dogs and cheese my first trimester. I haven't had a hot dog in years!!! ( I was tramatized as a kid) and I don't eat cheese (because it's gross!!!!) Now that I am in my 3rd trimester.... I only crave icecream and chewy chocolate chip granola bars!! Not healthy stuff that's for sure!


tina - March 14

dill pickles chopped up in vanilla ice cream. sounds kinda weird, but the ice cream gave the pickles a great texture, almost frozen. really good. also moonpies, i would put them in the microwave, mmmmm good.


billie - March 14

hahahahahaha!!!! pickles in vanilla ice cream!!!!! eeewwwwww!!!!!!!


Missy - March 14

Tina - OK, yea, that's is pretty strange....I could see eating a pickle and ice cream at the same time (maybe) but chopped up pickle ice cream? You've got me beat...I crave Weinerschnitzel and Tommy Burgers (for those of you who don't know, Tommy Burgers are by FAR the greatest chili cheese burgers and fries on the planet!!!). Have you guys noticed that some things you liked pre-pregnancy don't taste so good anymore? Maybe it's just me....


Ash - March 14

All kinds of cookies, donuts, ice-cream, mmmmmmmm good.... anything sweet.


autum - March 14

im not pregnante but when i was i craved, spagetti, with chopped pickels sprinkles on top, pickles instead of parmesan, i tried it after he was born to see if it was something i would eat normally, and oh my god it was the nastiest thing ever. LOL


autum - March 14

**pregnant** sorry


beth s - March 14

im right there with you jb i am 17 weeks and havent had any cravings at all


nicole - March 15

well it went from salt and vinegar chips to fudge rounds to a salt and vinegar chip followed by a fudge round, to nutter b___ter bars, to spaghetti and back, so its just a cycle of goodness..


Heavenly - March 15



J - March 15

Chocolate covered donuts and pot pies


<Amy> - March 15

I'm in london so crave savaloy and chips (from a proper fish 'n' chip shop, and twister ice lollies (get a huge craving for one everyday!)


Lovely - March 15

Slurpees or slushes, what ever you call them where you are... spaghetti with cheeze whiz (I'm so ashamed to admit that one!) and fatty, salty sandwich meats. And for the record, NONE of these things are a non-pregnancy enjoyed item! UGH!


Heidi - March 15

Ha ha! At 7 weeks mine kicked in. Stared with tuna fish sandwich on toast. Then blizzards from the DQ, salty potato chips, pepsi, oreos and milk, fish, soups, everything!!!!! Then some days it all sounded gross to me and I wasn't hungry at all. Red meat is now my big deal. Fatty red meat, grilled medium rare!!!! I've noticed smells are really bothering me. We're living with my mom while our house is being built and her fridge is nasty and smells like mold and anything you eat out of it has that taste, well to me it does. So I had to throw almost everything out and scrub it and I still taste it. It sucks. I hate tap water. It gags me. I always have this metallic taste in my mouth that taints everything I eat or drink. Anyone else????


PP - March 15

Hot foods!!! I love spicy stuff!!!! I also hate thngs I once loved. I used to love pickles and now I can't touch them. And chili cheese anything...



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