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Pam - September 7

I just found out that I am pregnant and when I went to the doctors office she told me that I was not relaxing and she could not look at my cervix. I am having a really hard time with this and don't think I will ever be able to let the doctor examine me, she told me the way that I am I will have a very traumatic pregnancy and delivery. Can anyone tell me what I can do to get over all this? I have never had a pap smear done and I don't even like thinking about it. Please help!


April - September 2

Once you get it done a couple times you'll get over it. Especially with the same doctor. YOu will start to feel more comfortable. I still sometimes get uptight because lets face it...its uncomfortable! If it was your first pap, than dont worry... I was so tense! I was 16 at the time... but had to get one every year as I was on the pill. After a bit you will be fine! Just try not to think about it so much, the doctor does this everyday. Its nothing knew to them.


Jess - September 2

Try your best to do as the doctor says. If it takes a little while for you to relax then so be it. Just let the doctor know it's hard for you. Tell yourself that you are doing this for your baby. Your going have to push a baby out of that hole soon and you'll have plenty of wandering hands up there during that time, so this will be a good way of getting used to it. You've been comfortable enough to have a p___s up there so this fear with the doctor should be quite easy to combat.


Debra - September 2

For crying out loud young lady how do you ever expect to have a baby if you have a problem with the doctor looking at your cervix? How old are you? Do you realize how many people are going to be looking at you, checking you, sticking stuff in you when you go in to have the baby!? You need to get over this pretty quickly. Your doctor is right if you don't get over this you will have a traumatic pregnancy and delivery-- this is a HUGE part of being a woman much less having a baby. WOW................


Pam - September 3

Thanks April


... - September 7




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