What Signs Did You Get

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Signs - July 4

Hi there Ladies. Just wanted to no what signs did you get when you found out you were pregnant. Please tell thankyou


l,dal;smkd - July 4

Sore b___bs, missed period, in that order for me. Some tiredness. No sickness.


jb - July 4

Missed period, sore b___sts, later on being extremely tired, and some sickness.


Katharine - July 4

With first pregnancy, nothing beyond a missed period, but I was regular, took a test and found out right away. Second time, I had heartburn, which I had only had once in my life, during my first pregnancy (after first birth, periods were not regular). I bought some heartburn med and a pg test and still have the unopened heartburn meds in the cabinet! Both times I found out within 1-2 weeks of actual conception and got sick/food aversions within 1-2 weeks of finding out.


nelly - July 4

For me I was just feelng very nauseated and just feeling sick and I found out I was pregnant at 6 and a half weeks so I started feeling the symptoms around 4 and half weeks pregnant and when I reached 7 weeks I started vomitting and staying exhausted and wanting to sleep constantly. The sore b___bs didnt happen for me til the 2nd trimester. My morning ,noon and night sickness latsed the first 3 months eveyday I puked 3 times a day. I am almost at my iduction date in 21 days YAY!! July the 25!!


ericacarmack - July 4

well i knew when i was a day late- i felt like my bladder was full all the time and when i would run to the bathroom thinking i had to pee alot only a few drops would come out! it made me mad! also i was a smoker but cigs started to make me really nausuas(sp?) so i knew something was up.


Savannah - July 5

Missed period & morning sickness but not usually in the morning,thats about it!


stacey - July 5

I am only 4 weeks,but knew 3 days before my period. I was ga__sy, and my appet_te was strangely not there. Oh, also had a yeast infection.


belle - July 5

Sore b___sts and feeling like I was going to start my period. I was ga__sy and I had heartburn which I had never had before. Also I threw up in my mouth while I was eating. So, then I took the test. My period wasn't supposed to start til the next day, but I just new.


Sarah - July 5

God, what DIDN'T I have?! In order: Gastritis (which brought with it lack of appet_te, fatigue, nausea & severe heartburn & indigestion), missed period, more fatigue (after the gastritis was gone), sore/leaky b___sts, nausea, vomiting, irritability& weepiness and then the doctor FINALLY got back to me and told me I was pregnant (which I'd already figured by then).


Sarah - July 5

Forgot to mention, GAS!! Ugh, so gross.


Jamie - July 5

I had no signs...well - at least, no signs that I picked up on. I skipped my period, but thought that was cause of stress; I had nausea, but thought it was the flu; I was tired, but thought it was because I was working a lot of overtime. I was showing before I figured it out.


Lynn - July 5

For me the wierdest thing ever-my nipples were flaky? Only time ever happened! I knew something was up! lol


Linds - July 6

I actually had no idea till my period was a day late but that was normal for me and my best friend thought she was preg. so we bought a double test pack and took them together and it turned out i was and she wasnt...it was insane...i felt normal for about a week after that (6weeks preg.) then it was horrible w/ the morning sickness and now at 17 weeks i am soooo tired i can sleep for 12 hours and still need a nap hehe. good luck!



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