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brittany - April 28

i am a first time mother, and i know that i will need a lot of stuff, for when the baby comes home, and i am going to have a shower, but could someone please give me a list of like how many daipers, and how many gowns and all of those kinds of things please it will help greatly


Kris - April 28

good question brittany. Here's my advice (I have a two year old) Get about 10 gowns. I used the kind with the elastic at the bottom with my son, and he wore them all of the time. Really easy to change diapers with them. Get some socks with them though, b/c those little feet get cold. Have several sheets for your crib, and those little sheets that you put under the sheet that protect the mattress. Those diapers leak alot with tiny babies. As far as diapers-- stock up on size one's and two's. But I had a big boy and he went into size two's REALLY fast. So don't get too many size one's. I didn't use very many receiving blankets.. He was an August baby... As I think of more things, I will post


Maleficent - April 28

if you're having a shower then don't buy newborn clothes, you'll get a ton. when you're shopping look at the clothes for 3-6 or 6-9, keep in mind what the weather will be like when baby is able to wear them. you'll most likely get all the lotions, shampoos, and powders you'll ever need at the shower too. it's a good idea to get a good first aid kit together, baby tylenol, an infant decongestant, mylicon drops, things like that. if you need them you'll be glad to have them in the house rather than take a sick baby to the drug store. get some cloth diapers to use for spit ups and burping. you can never have enough socks. my kids were wonderful at kicking them off every place we went. there is no such things as too many diapers. if your baby out grows them you can exchange for bigger sizes, one bag of newborn diapers was plenty for my kids, they grow fast, so get size one and size two.


~S~ - April 28

I don't know too much, as this is my first child too. My gf advised me to get a mix of clothing sizes and diapers, because you don't know how big your baby might be. I got a pack of newborn pampers, as well as size one's. I guess I should pick up some size 2's - just in case. For clothes, I got a sortment of sleepers, the ones that's easy to change diapers. I got a couple newborn ones, some 3 months and some 6 months. Again, the size of the clothes depends on the weight of your baby. My gf just had a baby and her baby girl already fits into most 3 month clothes. I also bought a pack of recieving blankets, you'll need a lot of those, since newbors spit up a lot, so you'll be changing the blanket a lot. I got some over the shoulder spit towels, for when your burping baby, so he/she won't puke on your shoulder. I also picked up a few packs of baby socks and those little gloves that go over babys hands, so it won't scratch itself, babies have sharp nails. I too will be having a baby shower, but I really don't want to depend too much on other people to buy me things. I already bought a travel system (buggy and carseat) and a baby boucy chair and soon I'm going to get a crib. I want to buy the bigger things myself, as I'd feel guilty if other people spent so much. You can find a list of what you need to prepare for your newborn, sites like babiesrus and babycentre all have a list of items and approx how much you'll need. Good luck, it's fun shopping, just remember not to go overboard on baby clothes because they grow fast!


Stephanie - April 28

Right when I found out I was having a girl, I hit the sales at Kmart/Walmart for buying clothes, as did my mom. By the time my daughter was born I had clothes stocked for every season until she was two years old. It is really nice when you pick up things here and there for VERY cheap. My daughter is going to be seven this July and my mom and I still do the same things. She's only in the first grade now, but she has her winter coat for when she is going to be in 5th or 6th grade...It was a $70 coat that my mom bought for $9.99. Things like that you just can't turn down. The one thing that I never used, and felt it was a waste of money buying was a changing table. What a load of c___p. You will change your kid anywhere in the house, so I don't really recommend one. Baby bathtubs are wonderful cause it's pretty hard to hold a slipperey newborn in the sink!! You may want to get a few pacifiers if you have to go that route with your kid and everything else that was above-said, are things you will definantly need. Also, for you if you plan on nursing, get some pads for your bra so you don't leak all over the place. It happened to me at the store WITHOUT my daughter when I heard someone else's baby crying. Talk about embara__sing.


brittany - April 29

another question, my mom said i should get one kind of pa__sifier because the baby will get used to that kind, is this true


Kris - May 4

The pacifier issue. I don't think you can ever predict that one. My son used the one the hospital gave, but only every once in a while, but when I first tried to give him a bottle, I had to search and search until I found a nipple that matched the pacifier. It was one of the playtex ones. But all babies have different preferences. I will tell you what worked for us. When my son came home, we had a variety of pacifiers and bottle systems and nipples (one of each) That way we didn't waste money on a bottle system that didn't work. I nursed my son, but did give him a bottle at least once every four days to keep him used to it. You can register for "sample" packs of nipples and bottles that have more than one type. Good luck



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