What Test Should I Go By Pregnant Or Not Pregnant

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Crystal B - March 13

Hi, I took a first response 18dpo and it came out positive with a faint line, then i took another one the next day and it came out positive with a faint line again.. well tonight i got a clear blue easy digital test and it came out not pregnant...what test should i go by?? is the digital more accurate?? ps, the hpts postive was not evaparating lines, they were both before the 1o min limit and were poth pink......


Crystal B - March 13

oops, i meant both pink...someone plz help.


tinkz12 - March 13

hey the best way to no for sure is to go get a blood test done


HopefulK - March 13

First Response pg tests check with hcg as low as 20, as far as I understand it Clearblue digital tests at about 50 I think. So might be that your hcg is just not high enough yet to register on that type of test. Go to a search engine like google and check peeonastick.com, tells all about accuracy of hpt's. As far as I understand it, you RARELY get a false positive on a hpt, but sometimes you can have a chemical pregnancy where you are pg but the pg doesn't proceed and ends early. Hopefully, your hcg is just low. Good luck. xx


Celia - March 13

Crystal... try the digital again in a couple of days with your fmu...for most women that has the most concentrated amount of hcg in it. I know I told you on one of the other threads that FMU didn't work as well for me... but then again my body always has to go with what's not normal (lol) The digital isn't as sensitive as the first response, so if you had 2 positives with those, I would go with that and test again in a few days. Good luck!


Crystal B - March 13

Thank yall so much! I think im going to take the other test wednesday (if i can wait that long..lol


Krista - March 14

each test is VERY different...first responce can detect the pregnancy hormone EARLIER than the rest. Maybe you dont have enough HCG in your blood for the other one to show positive. I say your preganant FOR SURE...you wouldn't get TWO positives from first responce unless you were actually pregnant. I found out I was prego throught first responce...a faint second line. Now I'm 16 weeks! =)


Crystal B - March 14

Thank you Krista. Reading your post gave me hopes again. lol, i was starting to have doubts...Im going to take a test tomorrow mourning, and its so hard waiting..lol..Congrats on your pregnancy! Did you plan on getting pregnant or was it a surprise? Good Luck with ur pregnancy!


Monique - March 15

First Response didn't work for me until days past my period due date. However, ClearBlue digital said "Pregnant" the DAY my period was due. After all the faint lines, "am I?" I've given up on those!! I will now ALWAYS use the digital (so much easier!). Anyway.... is your period actually LATE yet?? I would just try to wait until day after to test! signed, A former pregnancy test ADDICT! lol. Good Luck!!!


Crystal B - March 15

hi Monique thanx for helping out , yes i did miss af, its over a wk late now...i just took another clearblue easy digital and it came out NOT pregnant...i was so upset...well, anyways, what do you guys think i should do now?


mtlquebec - March 15

I did First Response too and I had that really faint line too (positive). I am definately pregnant (in my fourth month now) - I think it's almost impossible to get a false reading of positive - it can't pick up the positive unless you have hpt in your blood, which only happens when you're pregnant - so I'd say YES you are pregnant.


ibiubu2617wi - March 16

hate to say it but go to dr or free clinic n get tested studies show however a false positive is rarer as in if u had 2 say u were and experation date is good n u did test as it says more than likely congradulations! but go to dr asap!


ibiubu2617wi - March 16

but there are reasons such as an old test or damaged test , blood in your urine ,a urinary tract infection,kidney problems,some tumors, meds such as anticonvolsants,anti parkingsons drugs ,tranqulizers,diuretics,promethazine all these produce hcg which is what tests test for


Crystal B - March 16

hey yall thank yall for helping me out, but i was pregnant, but i lost the baby...thanx for any advice yall gave me...



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