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Elizabeth - January 11

OKay my girl riend and I got pregnant right around the same time and she is due 2 weeks before me. Last week she found out she was having another girl ( she has 2 at home) and she was needless to say alittle disapointed as they had be hoping for a boy to complete the family. Yesterday I had my us and found out I am having a boy ( I have a girl at home). When I called to spread the news she was short and uninterested...didn't even congradulate me!!! Then hung up quick claiming her kids were off the wall and she couldn't talk know. I get the feeling she was p___sed at me for having the boy she wanted...is this normal behavior? I can't control what I get pregnant with any more then she could. Yet I felt sad for her reaction as she was clearly disapointed at my news. She is my best friend and we are both pg with hormones raging but should I say something about how offended I was at her reaction or should I just let it go?


krc - January 11

ask if she wants to trade!!! haha if it were my friend I would my feelings aside and try to say as many encouaging things with it seeming like your patronizing her.If you 2 are best friends aren't the chances of these 2 growing up like siblings high...so this boy will be a part of her life anyway. Once she sees her new baby girl her thoughts may change. Heck maybe they will get married when they're older....then he will be her son.......in- law. haha


krc - January 11

typo....." WITHOUT " it seeming like your patronizing her.


m - January 11

For now, I wouldn't say anything about it to her. I have desperately wanted a baby girl to go with my 2 sons. But last week, I found out I am having another boy. For about 3 days, I was very disappointed, and very sad. So I can understand her disappointment. I can be a little overwhelming. I don't think she means any harm. However, if she continues to act this way, that is wrong of her. Just give her a little time to adjust, and everything will be fine I'm sure. Best of luck to you! And congrats on your baby boy!


m - January 11

Oops..... I have a typo, too! LOL 3rd line should say "IT can be a little overwhelming" instead of "I can be...". LOL Although I'm sure my DH thinks my hormones are overwhelming at times!


yungmama - January 11

I'm in similar situation. My cousin just had a baby boy in July. I am now 22 wks pregnant and found out 2 wks ago I am also having a boy. We have another relative that is pregnant and found out she is having a boy too (due 4 days after me). She is very upset. She was ecited to find out I was preggo but now that I am having a boy I think she believes it will take the "spotlight" off of her and her son. I just leave it alone for now and when the baby is born I will go from there. She will get over it.


amb - January 11

dont worry, im in that same situation. when i told my best friend we were going to start trying for another baby (mine daughter is SIX) she said oh yall might wanna wait until your finanically stable and blah blah and how her and her husband were waiting till their son was 3 to start trying, (hes 2) well i got pg and told her first words out of her mouth "you gonna keep it?" after i said yes she proceeded to tell me how jealous she is and NOW shes 8 weeks pg AND she complains ALL the time about being tired. she knew being tired would happen and im tired of hearing it frmo her since shes the one who wanted to get pg. dont worry hopefully it will ll b__w over. and by the way, im having another girl and at first i hoped she would have another boy and not a girl, mean i know but its the horomones :-)



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