What The Hell Has Anyone Else Heard Of This

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Confused - April 21

I just went to pick my husband up from work, and I was talking to a guy he works with and we found out today that his wife and I have the same doctor...well he said "oh, don't let him manipulate your cervix" I was like "what the h__l is that, I've never heard of it.." he said "If the doctor manipulates your cervix, you have a high chance of pre-term labor and only a 25% chance of delivery" has ANYONE else out there heard of a doctor manipulating a woman's cervix??? and if it is so dangerous why do they do it? If the doctor says anything about this to me, I'm sayin HELL NO! anyone else ever experienced this?


Misty - April 21

I have never heard of it and I can't imagine any doctor being legally able to do such a risky thing without fully explaining it to you. I personally think that guy was full c___p.


April - April 21

What did he mean by manipulating the cervix?? and how did he find out that it could cause pre-term labor and 25% chance of delivery? and why would a licensed doctor do something that would cause all that? something's just not adding up...


Confused - April 21

Thats my thoughts exactly...I don't think he knows what the hell he's talking about...his wife was put of bed rest about a month ago, and she is due any day now..so maybe it only has something to do with a complication? I've got no clue...but I'm glad I'm not the only one who's never heard this...


minx - April 21

i think that guy misunderstood what the doctor said. or if the doctor said something to his wife she got all the info jumbled.


hi confused - April 22

I think maybe the guy meant a cervical sweep which is what doctors do to start off labour in woman that are overdue and do not want to be induced. The cervix is gently manipulated with a finger to encourage labour, start contractions and help with dilation of the cervix.


Maleficent - April 22

a doctor should ALWAYS explain a procedure before they do it, and you always have a right to say no.



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