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Molly - March 1

Okay, so I had s_x on my expected date of ovulation and a few days prior to it and a few times after ovulation.But, today I started my period.I don't have endometriosis because my periods have been crampless for the past 3 to 4 months I just get minor pressure in my abdomen and !!BAM!! my period is there.My husband and I have been trying to conceive since October neither of us are infertile.I just started to take prenatal vitamins in February because I "thought" I was pregnant.We, are timing our intercourse correctly, but I'm getting my period.I just feel like giving up.What are we doing wrong?


~m~ - March 1

Don't give up!! Keep your head up! It just takes longer for some couples. I know it's no consolation, but many dr's say not to worry until it's a year. But that is easier said than done!! Just out of curiosity, are your periods coming on time or maybe a few days late each time? It sounds like you are doing NOTHING wrong. Just hang in there, keep trying, and if you continue to get your period for the next couple of months, I would speak to a dr. That will be 6 months, and maybe he'll give you some suggestions. Either way, go ahead and stay on your vitamins to get your folic acid built up good. Just hang in there girl! It will happen in due time!! :o)


Molly - March 1

Thank you ~m~.I read your post and am dearly sorry for your losses.Well, this period was due February 28th.But, came today March 1st.Last month my period came two days late.But, right now I would be 14 DPO if I was pregnant.I still have some pressure down there, it is light red and not heavy yet, well, of course this is the first day of my period and it is usually like this.Thank you again, and you know what really bugs me tho when 12 year olds have s_x once and they get pregnant..err..that bugs me!


Belle - March 2

Dear Molly, are you absolutely sure that you are calculating your date of ovulation correctly. The egg survives on average 12-24 hours, so there is a small window period, you should start having intercourse 3 day prior as sperm survives for 72 hours. Do not go to the loo afterwards. Have s_x every other night and not every night. Learn to examine your cervix if you do not already know how, that is the best guide! How long are your cycles?


~m~ - March 2

Hi Molly. I think that feeling is part of territory. I keep thinking about how many thugs are fortunate enough to have babies (10 of them usually!), then they mistreat them and stuff. And those of us who will love and care for a baby have all of these hurdles. Life really bites us in the a__s sometimes! :o)


Hi - March 2

I often think those people that have babies and do not want them, are there to help those that cannot have their own babies. Life is strange. Belle.



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