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jj - April 6

I am currently pregnant however, I'm not sure who the father is. I think I am pretty sure who the father is, but that is not the guy I am seeing. I know the guy I am seeing really wants a child and we've been together for a long time now. I know I made a mistake sleeping with this other guy and I do regret it. Could I raise the child with the guy that I'm seeing without telling him its not his. I know the child would look similar and there is no way he would ever know otherwise. I know this isn't the greatest thing to do but the child would be very much so loved. what to do??


jena - April 7

how are you sure of who the father is? could it be your bf?


Misty - April 7

Things would definately be easier for you if you said nothing. But the only fair thing to do is to tell him what you did and leave him to decide for himself what he wants to do. It wouldn't be right for you to decide how your boyfriends life should be and not give him the facts. If you really love him then own up to what you did and let him decide if he wants to stay. Then a year from now you won't have to feel bad about the fact that the man you have with you is living with you thinking this is his child and that his life is so perfect. It isn't and you shouldn't leave him to think that it is.


Grumpy Bear - April 7

What good did lying ever do??


Samantha B - April 7

Fess up! It's wrong PERIOD


hmmm - April 7

my friend actually has gone through...i don't agree with it but this is how it's worked for her.....she was married at the time slept with a mixed guy then got preg....her and her husband were both shocked but she left things stay normal....he still to this days takes care of this child 7 yrs later without them being together...he pays child support and gets him on the weekends...she's never told him but he's gotta know....he's all white!!! this little one is mixed and you can tell...but it's what's in the heart that counts....atleast that's what she's always said to me


tiffani - April 7

It's unfair, deceitful and wrong. You're denying the real father the chance to know his child and you're lying to the man you "choose" as the father. Life is all about choices, and you've made a bad one, but it's wrong to be anything but honest.



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