What To Do About 24h Morning Sickness

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stevecc - March 13

Hi there all. I have an odd question. It is about being sick all the time but I must tell you that I'm not officially PG. I'm a week late and have all the symptoms but all the tests I've taken come up a BFN. Even those at the Dr's. They are now doing a HCG quant_tive test. I should know on Tuesday. This would be my third so I think I should know my body. Anyways I have been sick for the past four days. I ate a big dinner a couple of days ago but I threw that up about seven hours later. Now all I can do is sip "small" amounts of apple juice and munch on crackers. Has anyone else had 24H morning sickness and found a way to cope. I would be 2 1/2 weeks PG and I need help if this lasts another 10 or so weeks. I was never sick with my first two so this is all new to me. Please HELP!!


moucheka - March 13

Yes, I have had 'morning sickness' 24 hours a day. I couldn't drive for a month in weeks 7-10 and felt like death warmed up for ages- only just feeling better at week 16. There are the usual remedies: crackers, eating small meals, going off meat and fatty/oily products, drinking ginger tea, wearing seasick bands. For me, that wasn't nearly enough. In the end it was accupressure and remedies from People's pharmacy. There is an accupressure point in the palm of your hand under the fatty pad near your thumb and another in the sole of your foot. I found hard pressure especially to my hand really brought down the level of extreme nausea. Luckily my husband works for the same company and was able to do this several times a day as it is hard to push the right angle on yourself but I also had other collegues trained up for when he was in meetings! I tried accupuncture too but it wasn't very affective, the hard accupressure was better. I also had bad indigestion from about week 6 and got really sick of living on rolaids. The same friend who showed me the nausea pressure point also showed me one just under my left shoulder blade, near the bra line. Hard pressure on this immediately helped the indigestion. The other thing that has helped tremendously was a variety of vitamin supplements from People's pharmacy. The usual pre-natal vitamin and B supplement wasn't nearly enough. I got some great advice there and started taking a much higher dose, along wtih digestive enzymes before meals which made a huge difference to being able to eat. The main one is Zypan before meals and phosfood afterwards. They increase stomach accidity and help greatly to prevent nausea after eating. Good luck! There is certainly more that can be done than just eating crackers.



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