What To Do If Partner Leaves Me Pregnant

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kristina - May 5

My husband got another woman pregnant. When I found out by an outside party, he contemplated staying/ leaving. We have a teenage son. He told me he had made the decision to stay. He said he had not had contact with her. In the meantime, I get pregnant. He tells me that he wants to move out. He is in love with this other woman. I want him to stay. I explain to him the consequences of him moving out. I don't want to loose him. What can I do to hold onto him? The "other woman" is due this week. I won't be able to handle it if he leaves. I have phoned the "other woman" many times and she doesn't talk to me. She listens to what I have to say and doesn't say anything else. I don't know what to do. I think him leaving will be too stressful on my pregnancy.


minx - May 5

I don't understand why you want to keep a jerk who said he loves someone else. Give all that love to your children instead and use the time in the rest of your pregnancy planning a life without him. Easier said because I am not in your position but I can understand your situation. The mess i already there- here and now. Why delay the inevitable? A lying, cheating, a**hole will just give you more stress for a longer period of time if he stays. So, help him pack his stuff and tell him to leave now and see him in court later for child support. Your life will be more peaceful without the complications he brought into your life.


tehProgamer - May 5

your situation is very, very hard to give a solution... in anycase someone will get hurt... i suggest that you demand support for the kid by going through a lawyer or something, also, you are the legal wife so you have all the rights compared to his #2... anyway, i do hope that oyu can have a normal pregnancy despite and inspite all the pains and hardships that you will be going through... just pray to God to help you through your hardships and stay with your relatives, esp with your mother to ease the pain a bit... good luck... keep us informed ok? >_<


Lissi - May 5

I think the best way to cope if he leaves, is to be strong and stand on your own two feet. It will be hard, and you will want to cry sometimes, but by calling the other woman you are losing your dignity and giving your man power. Be an independent woman. Make your husband realise just what he's given up. You are capable of great things and you shouldn't need a man to valuate your existence. I really feel for you. He's treating you like c___p at such a vulnerable time in your life. If you show him you are strong and can live without him, you may or may not get him back but you will boost your self-esteem and your teenage son will respect you. Your kids are worth more than any man. Take refuge in them and the wonderful job you're doing. You don't have to be a victim! Pregnancy is a great time for making new friends at anti-natal cla__ses or parent and toddler groups. Get out there and grab life with both hands. Don't let this man destroy you're life! Big hug to you.


Jaimee - May 5

Kick him to the curve! I know that sounds rather crude, but you will thank yourself later on down the track. I was in a simlar situation myself, my daughters father was sleeping with anything that had 2 legs and a heart beat, knocked me up and left me for his best friends girlfriend. Messy situation and it was hard at first, but one thing i learnt, why put up with someone who doesn't even respect you enough to stay faithful. Its not always easy to raise a child on your own, i will admitt, but then again you don't need a man to help you do it either. Stay true to yourself and you will get through it.



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