What To Eat Of Not Eat When Pregnant

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Alex - January 3

I just found out that I am pregnant....YEAH!! I was wondering, is there anything that I should definitely eat or definitely not eat while I am pregnant? This is my first & I already have a million questions & can't wait to get to the dr.!


S - January 3

Eat plenty of green veggies and fruit...healthy stuff. The green veggies are for folic acid. You will need as much of that as possible during your pregnancy. Try to stay away from caffiene if you can. If not limit your intake to only 1 or 2 drinks a day. Try to stay away from artificial sweetner like diet drinks, sugarfree stuff, etc. I have to admit, I drank plenty of diet drinks and caffiene during my pregnancy! lol.....but that's all stuff they tell you to do.


Tess - January 3

No "raw fish", no cold cuts not unless its fully cooked. Drink lots of fluids, take your prenatal vitamins and eat healthy for you and for your baby :) COngrats!


Trish# - January 3

I just found out I'm pg w/ my first too! I've been TTC for a year so I feel very educated on this topic. Make sure you take a prenatal vitamin. Get lots of calcium (milk, yogurt). Stay away from oysters and sushi. Get lots of omega3 fatty acids (salmon and walnuts). Stay away from fish that may have too much mercury (tile, swordfish, shark, too much tuna). Don't eat soft cheeses (brie, blue cheese, feta). I've also heard to stay away from peanuts (but other nuts are okay). If you have asthma or allergies, eating peanuts may pa__s that to your child. Sounds kind of hokey, but I've read it from several sources. Same goes for peanut products, like peanut b___ter. I know this is a lot to consider/remember! Funny how OUR moms didn't know all this stuff yet we all turned out okay! Just try to be healthy in general, eat a "clean" diet, and think, "is what I'm about to put in my body going to somehow benefit my baby?" Also drink lots of water. Best of luck!


Meena - January 3

Hi Alex first of all Hearty Congratulations!! I am around six weeks pregnant and I am also trying to manage my weight during pregnancy here is what I do ..drink milk,eat salads (brocolli,lettuce ,carrots ,radish,snow peas) w/o dressing,also eat half cup cooked beans for fibre,walnuts,2-3 serving of fruits daily (apple/orange etc),cook my vegetables in 1 teaspoon oil for lunch and dinner,multigrain bread ,rice,whole wheat bread and plus dont forget to ptake prenatals and drink plenty of water .I am a vegeterian so dunno much about the non veg food though.Anyways enjoy your pregnancy and good luck


karen - January 3

Wow, Meena, you're putting me to shame. I started out super healthy, but lately I have been supplementing my healthy meals with chocolate, cookies, and ice cream. And lots of it. :) My doctor said her only 2 rules are no raw eggs and no raw seafood. I guess the same would go for any raw meat. Everything else in moderation. Congratulations!


Ba8y6irl - January 3

feta cheese is fine to eat as long as its pasturized. Same with most soft cheeses... its just blue veined cheeses thats not good to eat cuz they are aged in mold...



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