What To Take For A Bad Head Cold While Pregnant

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Anna - December 14

Hi all.. I am 9 weeks pregnant and I have a bad head cold. Can anyone suggest anything to take to ease the symptoms?


Anne - December 14

My doctor said "only Tylenol" in the first trimester. If your symptoms are really bad, go to the doctor.


eyebeeablessing2u - December 14

I recv'd a phamplet called the prgnancy pocket guide to the saety of medication during pregnancy. Put together by the University of Montreal . in it it states for head colds it is safe to take for Allergies- Benadryl or Chlor-Tripolon. For Coughs Anything with Dextromethorphan syrup Benylin DM is safe. For sore throats lozenges can be used... and Atasol along with Tylenol can reliee sore throat.. For nasal congestions and cold- Otrivin or Dristan nasal spray. but remember extended use can aggrevate. so not to be used any longer thatn 3 days. Hope that helps. Also if those brands are available you can ask for an alternate.


r - December 14

My doctor said only Tylenol as well. Not even the Tylenol cold...just plain Tylenol. Hope you feel better soon.


lilmama - December 14

thats funny- I just called my doc this morning with the same question. He said sudafed, tylenol, and plain robitussin


KM - December 14

Just plain tylenol or anectimnophen.I know how you feel I was sick the last week of my pregnancy and it was hell. Also cough drops, lots of rests, saline drops will help the stuffy nose. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water to help a sore throat. There are some herbal teas that are safe. And a vaporiser beside your bed at night may help you breathe a bit better.Hope that helps


hannah - January 4

nine weeks along and I have mitral valve prolapse. I dont know what is safe to take for my stuffy nose that is safe for pregnancy and mitral valve prolapse.


KM - January 5

hannah, I would ask your doctor or a pharmacist .


healthykris - January 9

I have always been told benadryl was ok. I am now wondering however after reading some of the posts here. I know that some doctors are more risky and tend to say medicines are okay if a majority of OB/GYN Doc's think so. I would always like to know the risk before taking anything. If Benadryl does pose even a small threat, that only a minority of OB's agree with...then I would never take the medicine. I get angry when the Doctors tell you it is okay and never tell you about the risks...I like to make my own decisions, and even a small risk to the baby isn't a risk I will take to cure a stuffy nose. whoever talked with their OB: Did they tell you the reason why not to take it in early pregnancy? I also steer very far from anything homeopathic or herbal. Just too risky for me while pregnant. This baby will be our fourth. Thanks for answering my question on Benadryl! I can't wait to hear what my Doc says for this pregnancy about Benadryl. I took it a few times with my first two babies when I had head colds. Now I have another head cold and was trying to remember if Benadryl was risky or not.


Athena - September 27

My doc said Tylenol, Sudafed, and I've heard Benadryl was ok. I have a bad cough and I'm taking Tylenol cough medicine...I don't know if I'm pregnant yet, but I hope it's ok to take in the first trimester.


hdf - September 27

I had a terrible sinus cold. I trust my pharmacist more than my doctor when it comes to medication. He said that there is research going on about sinus/cold medications causing Cleft Palate. They are still researching this theory, but said that it would be in my best interest to stay away from those kinds of meds, just incase. Tylenol is okay, and nasal decongestant sprays. Also, if you are really stuffed up, use Vapor-Rub. Or boil water, pour it into a pot, add a tablespoon of Vapor-Rub, and put your head over it covered by a towel. This helps with clearing your sinuses. He also said that if you feel the urge to b__w your nose, do it very lightly. Even if you feel that their is major mucus in there! Blowing to hard can break blood vessels in your nose and lead to Sinusitis.( a major sinus infection). The nasal spray that he recommended for me was Afrin Decongestant with No Drip, and it isn't the kind that drips down the back of your throat. It is thicker, and will stay in your nasal cavety. Works like a charm! Also, a homemade remedy is a saline solution. 1 part salt to 3 parts water. Use an eye dropper, and put about 2-3 drops in your nostrils. The salt in the solution will help to dry up those boogers, and help you breath easier!


JM - September 27

My doctor said Benadryl or Sudafed, but I didn't ask until I was in my second trimester. I recommend calling your doctor to be sure.


Athena - September 27

Ok, my doc said all Tylenol products, even the cough syrups, were fine throughout the whole pregnancy. I am going to do the vaporizer too because I would rather not take any meds.


Lisa - September 27

I've had nothing but a head cold my whole pregnancy, my nose is stuffy and I sneeze all the time...and I'm just starting my 5th month...I've got 4 months of this to go! I have not really been taking anything, just a Tylenol if I happen to get a really bad headache with it as well...



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