What To Wear My Pants Don T Fit

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Jenice - May 18

Hi to all. I still haven't gotten my BFP, and it has been 14 weeks since my last period. I'm scheduled to have an ultrasound on the 31st, so by then I will know for sure. Unfortunately, my belly has popped out like crazy for the last 3 weeks, and my regular pants no longer fit. I have to go to work everyday, and we have a dresscode (no sweats or jeans). I'm hesitant to buy maternity clothes, as I don't know if I am pregnant for sure (ok, I'm pretty sure that I am, but I'll wait for the BFP before I say that I am) and the maternity wear is still a tad too big. Also, I can't afford to buy a bunch of new clothes. (Especially since I just did, and now they don't fit.) Any ideas on what to wear for the next few weeks?? I'd really love any advice. Thanks!


~m~ - May 18

Without a BFP, I wouldn't get maternity clothes just yet. Ask for a blood test that tests for hcg. Quant_tative beta hcg I believe is the technical name for it. Anyway, if that shows nothing, then your doctor needs to run some other tests. There are other things that could be causing this. Let's hope it's pregnancy though! Just take care of yourself no matter what and have your doctor run that blood test in the meantime. Good luck!


Heidi - May 18

Try garage sales for bigger clothes or a baby exchange store in your area. We have one near us and they sell TONS of larger size clothing plus maternity clothes really cheap.


erika - May 18

what does bfp stand for???


Jenn... - May 18

Try using a hair tye to clasp together pants with a shirt that will hang over to hide.


.. - May 18



Kaz - May 18

Whats bfp? I lived in sarongs and singlet tops in summer. Sometimes have the sarong up to my armpits and the singlet over the top. Depends on what your sarong and top are like as to how daggy it looks.


JenniferB - May 19

bfp=big fat positive


Kaz - May 19

Oh that's what it is. Well in that case, Jenice, all the best for your BFP!!! How did you get booked in for an U/S without having a BFP first?


p - May 19

WAL-MART!! Its cheap and you can find almost anything there. I dont think maternity wear is always necessary. Im 35 weeks preggo and dont have to shop in the maternity section, I just buy lrg.No Im not tiny(155 pounds).Ive also shopped at second hand stores, found some cute dresses.You just have to look hard, you should be able to find stretchy but dressy pants for work. Good luck


Lisa - May 19

Jenn, thanks for the idea of the hair tie. I was just telling my husband today that I needed to some kind of waist extender to put on my pants. I never thought to do that.



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