What To Wear Home From Hospital

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K - August 31

I was just starting to pack my bag and don't know what to bring to wear home. Nothing in my closet will fit! I don't want to wear maternity clothes home. I am 34 weeks and have gained about 25 lbs. already my stomach is huge how much will it go down?


Jen - August 31

I bought the most comfortable sweat outfit from target. It is Liz Lange maternity, but it dosen't really look like it and it is soooo cozy. Im probably wearing that home.


miranda - August 31

Your older maternity clothes that don't fit now will probably fit when you come home from the hospital. They say to plan on looking and feeling about 4 months pregnant after delivery.


K - August 31

Thanks. The last thing I want to do at this point is buy more clothes.


Heidi - August 31

I'm with you. I'm 33 wks and running thin on clothes but refuse to spend anymore money on this stuff as it's the only child I'm planning on having!!! I'm going to throw some jogging pants and sweatshirt in my bag cus my ride home is less than 1 minute so who cares what I look like. Ha ha! I don't plan on packing much. Just a little bag for me and the baby cus my family can run five blocks to get whatever I need if I forget something.


Michelle - August 31

Wear something with an elastic waist. That is your best bet. My first was due in the summer time and I wore shorts with a elastic waist and was fine. This pregnancy I am due in the winter time, so it will be sweat pants I'm sure. Best of luck.


K - August 31

The problem isn't the pants it is the shirts. I normall wear a Small so I have plenty of jogging pants I can bring but even the tops that go with these pants I believe will still be too small after birth. It was the same way with my son. I got sooo huge that my clothes didn't fit for months. I had him in the summer so just went for a t shirt and cut off sweats but this this time it will be cooler and I don't want to buy anything else!



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