What Was Your Experience Coming Off The Pill

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kellie - May 9

I have been reading through tons of posts of women who are seroiusly late for AF, or have missed it completely. It seems that many of these women have recently come off the pill. I am wondering what everyones experiences have been, and if it is quite common to miss a period or two. My experience: I always had very regular periods through my teen years then at 20 started taking the pill. Took it continuously for 8 years and finished my last pack in December. Since I stopped my cycles have ranged from 20 to 30 days. My last AF started on April 1 and I haven't had one since.


kellie - May 9

wooops! pushed "submit" too soon. Anyway, I have taken 5 HPT's all negative, so it is safe to a__sume I am not pregnant......but I am not sure what is going on. Could my body still be adjusting?


cdmrose - May 9

Hi Kellie, I stopped taking the pill for a few months about 7 years ago, and I didn't have any symptoms, although I wasn't s_xually active back then either. In fact my periods were bearable, on time, and regular for about 3 months in a row. Had to start taking them again because AF #4 was back to vomiting, pa__sing out, and hellish cramps. But recently, my husband and I started ttc. I finished my last 28-day pack on 4/15 (includes the sugar pill week). My last AF started 4/10 and I haven't had another one yet. I thought it was starting on this weekend but then the cramps went away. I have had nausea, bloating, dizziness, and gas pains since 4/24 and am wondering if I'm pregnant or if this is a pill withdrawal. I never had these symptoms while taking the pill. Other than missed periods, have you had any symptoms?


MeaganG - May 9

cdmrose- i stopped taking my bc the same day as you and i have xactly the same symptoms as you too except ive been peeing a lot lately, have you? who knows maybe we are pg..i had s_x on my most fertile day i was elevated and i layed there for 30 minutes...i hope i am


kellie - May 10

Well, when my period was due I had cramps for 4 days, but my period never started. I kept running to the bathroom but there was nothing there. I haven't had any real pregnancy type symptoms other than having to pee every 20 min, bloating/gas, and a TON of clear cm. I saw a doctor because I was having some abdominal pressure and I should get the blood test results tomorrow......but with the 5 negative HPT's it is highly unlikely that I am pregnant. I am a little freaked out, I have never missed a period before. My husband and I were planning on seriously TTC soon and I am worried that we are going to have a hard time.


cdmrose - May 10

Hi MeaganG, well it sounds like we both did what we're supposed to do... So does that mean you're officially 1 day late too? This last week I've been peeing a bit more often than usual too. I was thinking it was from PMS, or related to the bloating and pressure, since it is supposedly way too early to have preg symptoms. If no AF by Saturday morning I will take a test. Good luck to you, and keep me posted!


cdmrose - May 10

Kellie, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I hope your blood tests give positive results tomorrow. Keep us updated! And even if we're not pregnant yet, well.....at least this ttc stuff is pretty fun! =)


livdea - May 10

Um....Kellie...I took over a dozen hpt (first response) over a two month period...all came back negative...there was NO WAY I was pregnant...went to the dr thinking something was seriously wrong with me...NOPE! I was Pregnant! I went off the pill for a month, I had been on for 8 years and was switching hormone levels...in that month I got pregnant, had ZERO symptoms and had negative hpt until 14 weeks! Just a little heads up on those 5 negative tests! Good Luck!


claireb - May 10

I'm the same as you guys. I stopped taking the pill beg of March and am still waiting for AF. I've been charting and don't think I've ovulated yet so no chance i'm pg :(


Trish# - May 10

You asked for experiences so here's mine. I was on the pill for 8 years straight. I honestly can't remember what my cycle was like before it! When I went off BCP to TTC, I didn't get AF for 4 months. Went to my OB who started me on Provera (induces AF) and then clomid and I could go on forever. I never had a true, non-induced period! I have "annovulation." Long story short, after 1 year of TTC and Clomid and then treatment from an RE, I am now 25w pg. Some women get pg right off the pill. Others do not. There is no way of knowing how your body will react. They say it could take up to a year for your cycle to regulate itself. You could always request a pg test from your dr for rea__surance...


kellie - May 10

uggggh! The doctor is taking forever to call me. She said I would know by Monday or Tuesday, but I have heard nothing yet. The wait is killing me.


MeaganG - May 10

cdmrose- no im supposed to get my af next tuesday but hopefully wont get it. I finally told my bf i might be pg and hes like "your not" so im kinda upset with him right now but hopefully i will be and i can prove him wrong. Im going to test tomorrow since it will be 5 days before my missed period then i will test every 3 days until i either get my af or a big fat positive!!


kellie - May 12

Well, I FINALLY got the result of my blood test: BFN. It's fine, because I wasn't TTC, the husband & I were planning on waiting one more year. But, I am really concerned about what is going on with my period. I have never missed a period before in my life, I hope the pill didn't mess me up permanently!


cattac - May 12

It took my system several months to get on a normal period schedule and then my periods were heavier than normal.


HannahBaby - May 12

i went off the pill and got pregnant right away. after my baby my periods were normal


kellie - May 15

Still no period. 20 days late. Have gone from thinking I'm pregnant, to thinking there is something seriously wrong with me.



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