What Week Should You Prep For Hospital

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JB - April 26

I know I will probably find out all these answers when I go to the child birth classes but I'm wondering when should you pack for the hospital and is there anything you lady found was a must have while there?


Maleficent - April 26

i get packed up at about 36 weeks. aside from the basic things, bring a list of phone numbers and phone cards. alot of hospitals don't allow cell phones so if you want to call long distance you'll need phone cards. and the list because my after delivery brain couldn't even remember numbers i call nearly every day. imagine forgetting your sisters phone number, i felt like an idiot. lol.


Stephanie - April 26

Socks!!! Your feet get kinda cold!! :o) The phone number list is a very good idea along with phone cards. I also packed a very comfy outfit for the next day, you don't want anything that is constricting.


Jbear - April 27

I didn't get to pack...had an emergency c-section at 36 weeks. These are the things I made my husband go and get for me: chapstick, ponytail holder, hairbrush, robe (my daughter was in the NICU one floor up and I wanted to go see her without mooning anyone), underwear, and overnight maxi pads (the ones in the hospital don't have adhesive). When I pack this time (hopefully) I will take the above, plus a good book to read and some chocolate :)


chel - April 27

My first child was born at 31 weeks, so from then on I've always gotten packed at 30 weeks just in case. I would definitaly bring socks, chap stick, moisturizer, phone cards, phone number list, change for hubby for snacks, a robe to cover up with, comfy(read:maternity) clothes to wear home, going home outfit for baby, maybe some magazines or a book.


Carol - April 27

A friend told me is was a good idea to bring underwear they you don't mind throwing away. she said she went to Walmart and bought some cheap ones - they can get ruined she said and it was easier to just throw them away then to try and clean them. She also suggested the same for a pair of pjs. Thanks for the info about the phone card - I would have never thought of it! I also paln to bring my own pads - I have heard the hospital ones are terrible - someone suggested always overnights


chel - April 27

I liked the pads at my hospital. They were way bigger than the ones you could buy. They also gave my disposable underwear. That way I didn't mess up my own. But, I'd bring some cheap ones just in case.


chel - April 27

Oh! I almost forgot. Bring your baby book if you plan on having one. That way the nurses can put the baby footprints in it for you. And, you can record those special feelings that you will have after the birth. I did not have the baby book at the hospital with my first child(she was born at 31 weeks). I alway miss seeing her footprints in the book when I go back and look at it now.


natalie - April 27

I'm with chel--mine were huge, I got disposable underwear, and the pads they gave me could be put in the fridge (sounds gross I know, but helpful on the sore site!) or you could even microwave them for a few seconds and that would feel good too. I love my hospital though.



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