What Will Be Your Treat When You Are No Longer Pregnant

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Sharon - July 26

(or no longer br___tfeeding?). I will have the most gigantic tuna salad sub while smoking a whole pack of cigarretes and drinking whole bottle of some nice red wine. What about you?


Heidi - July 26

I'd love a smoke but quit this long so why start??? I'm going to get back to the gym and try to get my old body back and go on a little shopping spree for new clothes! I actually have dreams where I'm not pg anymore and I'm nice and thin and I'm wearing my cute jeans and tops and look just awesome!!!! Then I wake up.....I just want my body back.


Christina - July 26

I would really like a nice cold beer and a cigarette with my cute little body back! :) Oh how nice that would be!!! How far along are you guys?


Maleficent - July 26

we will have a bottle of white wine on ice to celebrate bringing the baby home.


dani - July 26

I would like to go back to my 2 cups of coffee a day, occasional wine, feta cheese, and a lot of tuna. The things you want when your preggo...lol.


Lissi - July 26

To be able to sleep, without pain, to eat, without feeling sick and have an ice cold beer, without feeling guilty! I'm also really looking forward to having my hubby carry the baby around for a change. :)


Lissi - July 26

To get in and out of the bath, without causing a tidal wave will be good too!


Christina - July 26

LOL, Lissi I hear ya on the bath situation!


Heidi - July 26

I'm 27 wks. I don't think I'd mind so much if I wasn't pregnant during the summer!!! It's depressing watching all my friends wear cute shorts and look just great. I've been cheating. I still have coffee and pop, just not as much. I eat tuna too. My doc said it was fine. I can't wait to sleep on my tummy again and hopefully I won't feel like I'm gonna pee my pants every half hour. And I pray my cow b___bs go back to a size B or smaller!!!!


Kelly - July 26

Funny, I was telling DH what to bring me in the hospital Diet pepdi coffe ice coffe tuna lobster ciggeretts soft serve ice cream some fruity island rum drink


Lissi - July 26

I'm going to remember this list of things when I go into labor. I think it'll really help me push that baby out! :)


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - July 26

Beer and a club sandwich! Can't wait!!


Christina - July 26

Yeah me too, maybe I'll even have hubby hold an ice cold beer in front of me while I am pushing...maybe it will make me push him out faster! :)


Sharon - July 26

Thanks for your responses, they brighten my day!


YC - July 26

This was a great idea for a post. All of the other ones are so heavy sometimes. My treat after the baby is born is definitely sleeping on my back!!! After the b___stfeeding I want a Ladies Night Out with lots of alcohol! Only 20 weeks to go!


Karen - July 26

My gosh Heidi we sound like the same person. I have the excat dream about my body. I invsion nice strong slim abs, celulite free toned arms and legs, no strech marks (Ok I getting depress now? Back to reality LOL) I want to have a nice cold beer (BUD ICE) to be excat and I want to go partying all night long and sleep on my tummy again. Cant wait !!!!!! Oh yea and definately the b___bs thing. Oh yea I cant wait to go shopping for 5/6 or 7/8 clothes again.


KAtharine - July 26

There is a beer festival here in September... I can't wait to go and pump and dump! Although, that is when my first was conceived a few years ago... Maybe I'd better just enjoy a margarita in a pair of jeans without a pouch.



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