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MeaganG - May 19

Okay ladies I have a big question that is asked frequently and I apologize if this is too long. In March my af was 2 days long and then in April (the 18th) it was 5 days long It was due on Tuesday and today being Friday I still havent gotten my af. I have gone to the doctors and had a urine test done by them and it came out negative. She told me that if I dont get my af by Monday then take a home pg test and see what happens with that. About a week after my af in April I had period-like cramps that lasted for a few seconds and then stopped, this went on for about a week and I havent felt anything since then. I told my friend this and she said that happenend to her when she found out she was pg. Im just confused as to of if I am or not. Its not like me to be four days late. Ive also had a good amount of white discharge in my undies whenever I go to the bathroom (its kind of like a white lotion and it doesnt smell sorry if TMI). I have had nausea but I dont know if you can get symptoms this early on. Also I have unprotected s_x with my boyfriend close to everyday. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Do I sound like I can be pg? Please be brutally honest and dont sugar-coat things. Thanks so much!!


CKSAN - May 19

Pregnancy tests do not always show positive at the time your period is due. Some women go weeks before getting a positive. I always have symptoms before getting a positive on a urine test. They are just like the ones you describe. Wait a few days and test again (easy to say, hard to do, right?)


Erynn21 - May 19

I was 4 days late and I knew already what the test would say, but when I took a hpg test my positive line was very faint, I just had barely enough to register. I never have been late so just 1 day and I knew what was up. I had phantom period type cramps before I was supposed to get my period, so I thought that I may, but they felt different, although I really can't explain how so. Now having period type crampsa wk after your af that only last for a sec that could be ovulation, I always had slight cramping from that. I'm pretty sure my period-type cramps were implantation because of when they happened. Hope this helps. Wait a couple of days and take a test.


MeaganG - May 22

I still havent gotten my af im 6 days late i go to the docs today for hopefully a blood test and not a urine test. Im kind of depressed actually because my friend just had her baby last Saturday and shes beautiful! I put pictures of her on my website www.myspace.com/justasimplegirl My other friend is due in September and has been making her new house livable with her boyfriend. Im quite jealous of the two of them. I on the other hand haven't had any cramps like I normally do just a lot of peeing, sore b___bs and bloating. Wish I knew what was happening....


LadyD - May 22

Hi, Meagan. I know what you mean about being late & not knowing what's happening. I had 1 episode a yr. ago where my af came on cd37 and I have a 32 day cycle, give or take a day. I am now on CD38, 6 days late and this never, ever ever happens to me...except when I was pg before. I took 3 tests up until Fri. and they were negative. I didn't get a chance to take one this weekend, so today I'll be testing. The only symptoms I have relating to af or pg is my bbs are slightly sore, not much, ewcm, and gas but no sign whatsoever of af coming. With my daughter, I didn't have any symptoms so I can't really depde on them.


MeaganG - May 23

Now im a week late and no af. I went to the docs and they did a blood test that came out negative, I dont understand why im so late and not even pg. Errr Im so confused and angry and worried at the same time. Whats wrong with me?


MeaganG - May 26

Okay so now im 10 days late and still no AF...me and bf are confused and honestly kind of scared because I was thinking that if I conceived in the end of April/beginning of May then my baby wouldnt be born until january which means it'd be perfect to go to college the first semester then during the month long winter break i can have the baby and rest then go back to school in late Febuary early March. Now if im pg it wont go into my plans and I would have to skip that second half of school all together. im real confused to of why my af is 10 days late and i dont have any period cramps like I normally do. If you were in my situation what would you do. Ive been in more stressful situations and I honestly dont think its stress causing my af to be this late. Anyone want to help me out?


claireb - May 26

Haven't you just come off BC pills? It can take up to a year to re-establish your cycles. I would try not to worry as it won't help. I haven't had AF since March after coming off bc pills. xxxx


Mommy_Erin23 - May 26

Hey MeaganG sorry your so stressed out. These kind of things can really spin your mind. I had the same problem when I got pregnant with my daughter. Go to the store and get a Clear Blue Digital (the one with the little screen) its quite expensive but it does not give half results, there is only a plus and a negative. A false positive is not very common, if the plus shows up go to the doc and ask for the pregnancy blood work. Hope this helps and try to relax (I know :P ) Good luck.


LadyD - June 1

Hi again, Meagan. Still no af? And blood test came back negative? Wow. Not too sure if blood can be incorrect but I've heard a few women on here say that they have taken a couple tests that were inaccurate and in actuality they were pg. I wish you the best. As for me, i got my af last week, 2 days after visiting the dr. I didn't bother calling the dr. back to find out the blood test results. Did you just come off bc? How long ago? There was a post on here explaining stress does not make af late. The only way your af can be late is if you are stressed prior to ovulation, it can delay ovulation which makes you ovulate later so your af will come later. Your luteal phase doesn't change, though. I believe the post was on here about 2 wks ago. Forgive me, I forgot the person's name (she'd probably kill me being that we've "spoken" 100 times on here...lol) who posted it, but she was very helpful. When I come across her or the post, I'll paste it here or I'll tell you to check it out just so that you can read about how stress affects your af. Best of luck!


MeaganG - June 2

Still no AF but on Wed. i went to the doctors to find out that I have a UTI how fun is that! haha just kidding, ive been off bc since early April. once I get my af im going to go back on my bc bcuz im not ready to have a baby yet. im nervous and i know i made a mistake by going off of them. do u think i could still be pg if a blood test says im not? im confused, i have no idea whats going on either. I dont think its stress bcuz ive been under way more stress than i am right now so i dont think that this is a reason for my missed af. i dont know whats going on im confused....



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