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trisha - December 11

hi everyone, i had 4 positive HPT around 2 and a half weeks ago. then about a week afterwards i noticed a large black clot in my underwear which looked similar to a slug. sorry for TMI. i noticed more clots when i wiped. it wasn't my period as i wasn't due or anything. i didnt have any pains or cramps or any discomfort at all. i then did another HPT one week later which was negative. i went to my doctor and had a urine pregnancy test which was negative. my doctor wouldnt give me a blood test. unfortunately they refuse to do one over here in the UK. i didnt understand the results as i couldnt get my head around 4 positives all from different brands and then 1 negative at the doctor. so i did another HPT which was negative. i did have all the pregnancy symptoms minus morning sickness. i noticed after the negatives that my br___ts had lost their swollen and hard feeling and that the couple of faint veins on them had vanished. so i didnt know what to believe. im still nauses over things which didnt use to bother me at all. if something is runny it will make me feel sick. which isnt like me at all. i also have a hard feeling around my belly button, my tummy looks more swollen and i had a dark line going from my belly button to my pelvis. in a straight line. i noticed this morning that the veins are still there, just fainter.i dont know whats going on. is it possible i had a miscarriage? i was pregnant wasn' t i? i tried to tell my doctor but she didnt listen just said come back for another urine test if your period doesnt arrive. i've also put on weight being im having hunger pangs. im becoming hungry all the time and so very tired. i dunno whats going on. my period is due tomorrow but ive got no indication its going to arrive. could i still be pregnant even though i had neg at doctors? has anyone else been through this or a similar experience and turned out to be pregnant? im just so confused. thank you for anyone who offers any advice or input.


tiffani - December 11

Our bodies can be so confusing can't they? Sorry to hear your doctor wasn't interested in what you had to say, that's a real shame. If I had to take my best guess, I would suspect that you may have been pregnant (hence, the positive tests) and then miscarried (pa__sed blot clot,negative tests and vanishing symptoms). If this was the case, you're gonna need to give your body a chance to take care of itself and get everything back in order, especially your hormones. Your period may not happen while all this is occuring. Best Wishes to you!


trisha - December 11

hi tiffani. thanks for replying. i think you may be right. i have suspected a miscarriage but it just seems so strange since i barely had time to get used to being pregnant. do you think its possible i could still be pregnant?


tiffani - December 11

Anything is possible. My best advice would be to wait a few weeks (much easier said then done huh?) and re-evaluate you situation. If you are still having pregnancy symptoms, I would go back to the doctor and seek some answers. Another thing, there several women on here who post regularly who have had miscarriages, try to direct a new post toward them specifically and maybe they could offer some advice that may help. Take care.


trisha - December 12

hi again tiffani. thanks for replying again. period was due today but hasnt arrived. no cramping or any signs its going to either. this is so annoying. i think im going to re-test next week sometime if no period. thanks i'll do what you said. :o)


trisha - December 13

Still no period. This is so annoying. Has anyone got any advice on this and what it could be - whether Im still pregnant or not? Thanks


Lisa - December 13

Trisha - i had a very similar situation prior to this pregnancy. I wasn't aware that i was pregnant, but my period was very late....I had no symptoms apart from mildly sore b___sts. I was out with the hubby one day and started getting some mild cramps in my stomach and felt heavy bleeding, I rushed home and found a clot in my underwear, my doctor was much like yours, wouldn't say if it was a miscarriage as i hadn't had a positive pregnancy test. I knew i had a miscarriage as i hadn't experienced a period like this one prior. I would definitely see the doctor advise him that you still have no period



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