Whats My Legal Right

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paige - November 16

I was wondering if I have the right to refuse the shot to stop labor? I'm 35+3days and last week i had to get the shot and I hated it and babys heart was so fast. They say she is a big baby because im pregnacy diabetic and taken meds to keep sugars low. Ive always had pre-term labor with other kids so nothing new, but i dont want the shot agian if i can make until monday ill be 36 weeks and they will not make me take it. But do I have the right to say "NO" if b4 36 weeks. I mean i would want the shot for lungs and an ultersound to look at lungs and if there are not devel. then i will take shot of course..but if it shows they are i dont want the shot agian, just let me have her. She is already over 5lbs easy.


Jessica - November 20

I don't know about in the USA (I'm in Canada) but last time I checked these are free countries and you should be able to choose what you want for yourself. I think you must have the right to refuse anything. I would hope so anyway. I would ask these questions of a doctor that you trust. Just think about what's right for you and the baby. If everything is alright then there should be no reason to stop labour.


Mommy1 - November 20

I work in health care, You have the right to refuse any kind of treatment. No matter what the outcome is. If you are in your right frame of mind.


DANA - November 20

i'm not sure if you can refuse it or not but i think you should do what the doctors think is the best thing for the baby and YOU.....


paige - November 20

I understand that, and I wouldn't do anything that wasnt safe for my baby. I have test done to see if she was ready or not. but as of tomorrow ill be 36 weeks and if i do go into labor doctors will not stop it, i have an ultrasound and baby is about 5lbs 7oz thats an est. but we watched breathing and all and it was great. she looks great, and i think i will last until 37 weeks, maybe if not then ill have her earlier. But docs are not going to stop anything if it starts agian.


dana - November 20

i know how you feel i'm redy to have this baby i'm tired of being pregnant...but good luck it will happen unfortunatly it happens when the baby is ready but you don't have much longer she can't stay in there forever...you've waited this long a couple more weeks won't hurt....god bless you and your baby



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