Whats The Best Position

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please help! - January 16

whats the best position to concieve? does the woman going on top have any less chance then any other position? i want to get pregnant asap! any tips anyone?


please help! - January 16

anyone? want to put any tips into action right away! lol!


dom - January 16

the man on top is the best position. After he c_mms in you lay flat for 30 min.


bump - January 17



? - January 17

i got pregnant by after me and my husband had s_x he made me do a head stand for a few minutes next thing i knew i was pregnant with twins


please help! - January 17

lol-i try holding my legs up after but bf thinks im mad!


please help! - January 18

anymore help would be apreciated............................


tiffani - January 18

You know, they say missionary (man on top), but who really knows. I got pregnant with both of my kids when I was on top. Why not try alternating positions evey other time. Also, hold off for about 15 minutes before going to the bathroom after s_x, also can't hurt to help gravity and raise your legs and bottom after s_x to help the sperm travel. Have fun trying!


please help! - January 18

thanks tiffani


fiona - January 18

also i have read on a few forums that if you put a pillow under your bottom after ttc, this can also help!! good luck


Dez - January 19

missionary, man on top and after he finishes inside of you lay there and dont get up for at least 30 mins with your hips elevated.


um - November 7

get drunk and have wild s_x outside. That is what we did. LOL


Charlene - November 7

I am not so sure that a certain position matters. I got pregnant being on top. I have heard though that an orgasm does help as those contractions help move teh sperm up into the cervix and tubes. Good Luck, but most of all , have fun


Michelle - November 7

I got pregnant with my second child while on birth control, although usually we start with me on top then go to him on top... and of course the cuddling after. But most say yo put a pillow under your b___t for about 10-15 minutes. I have read that if you orgasm you have a better chance because your body helps to bring the sperms to the cervix. *Although you don't have to have one to get pregnant*


io - November 7

Have s_x as much as possible in Missionary position or by the back.


Tess - November 7

Best position is when your hubby/bf is on top of you. That's how I got pregnant. :)


doo de doo - November 7

ok try it with him on top. and i know there is such a thing as too many orgasms, but it u have s_x toys, try to m_________e while on ur back with hips elevated. that way u will have less leakage, gravity and orgasms to help get the tadpoles where they need to be. oh and try not to penetrate urself if u m_________e, otherwise u may make some leak out. good luck if ur still trying.



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