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mel - November 7

I have a very awkward question to ask, I have started ttc, and my husband has started to come inside me, I have never done this as we have always used a condom, but after we have s_x, and I’m up and about ( maybe 15 -20mins later ) his come start to come out and I have started noticing a smell like when I’m in work sitting at my desk I get like a fishes smell, now don’t get me wrong I have a shower every second day so it not like I’m unclean, but would there be something wrong I have never had this before would it be my husband come that smell or would I have something wrong please help i'm scared and also Embarrassed incase someone else can smell it to


jewels - November 7

You should go see a doc. Its not normal for it to smell down there. (not like fish) If it does you might have an infection?


me - November 7

showering every other day is fine, but be sure you wash your genitals everyday.


fabienne - November 7

bathing everyday is purely an american thing and its actually better if you don't. Anyway mel you can see your doc, but it more than likely just a reaction of his s____n with your v____al secretions that is producing this smell. If I were you I wouldn't worry too much, but if you are still concerned do see your doc.


jewels - November 7

thats funny cause I guess showering everyday is also a canadian thing.


mel - November 7

Thank you this was a very embarra__sing question to ask, to Fabienne thank you very much you have but my mind at ease a little- but I think I will make a doctors app, and to Wendy I’m not unclean if you would kindly read the question again you can see that I said it has only started happening, I was looking for advise or to see if anyone else had the same problem and what they did about it.


~m~ - November 7

You might consider having your doc check you for yeast or BV or something. If there is a problem (and I suspect there may be), it could interfere with ttc. And just IMO, showering every day is a good thing.


WOW - November 7

Mel- isnt it amazing how rude ppl can be? the smell is probably partly because like u said the c_m is coming back out of you 15-20mins later. There are femminine wipes that you can use throughout the day that eliminate odors. I think some of these women need lives..people come here for advice not for rude comments. i hope they dont raise their children with these rude att_tudes. and fyi there are many ppl who don't shower every single day. some do and some dont who cares at least she does it every other day. there are ppl out there who cant shower for weeks or more. good luck mel!


to jewels - November 7

It is normal to have a smell and some people smell a little worst than others. I know alot of women who stink up the bathrooms and take bathes 2 times a day or atleast they say. Mel it is probably bacterial vagnosis. It can make you smell like fish especially if you just started smelling it.


Me too - November 7

Hey, it's funny because the same thing happend to me when my guy and I started having s_x without condoms. I had never had a funny smell down there and I always keep myself clean, but after having s_x a few times with no condoms I started to notice a "fishy" smell after s_x. I started to use Summer's Eve feminine wash when I showered and it seemed to help. After I got pregnant I went to my doctor and I had my pap smear and blood test and everything was normal. The weird smell just went away on it's on after about 2 months. I have no idea why I had the d__n smell or where it came from, but it left thankfully. One good thing to help it is wash down there every day with warm water and soap and of course anytime after s_x, make sure you up clean down there!


Kelly K - November 7

For those of you who choose to keep bashing people for something you have entirely NO knowledge of.. here is a clipping from Dear Abby that recently came out about bathing daily: DEAR ABBY: As an internist, I treat people every day for conditions ranging from contact dermat_tis to fungal rashes that would not occur if people gave up bathing daily. The skin is covered in bacteria that const_tute "normal flora." It is not to anyone's advantage to wash these beneficial bacteria away, as it leaves one open to rashes and skin irritation from a number of sources. Also, to state the obvious, if he's been married to her for 35 good years, then a rose by any other name could not smell as sweet. -- MICHAEL G., M.D., JOHNSON CITY, TENN. DEAR ABBY: We Americans are so obsessed with cleanliness that we may be endangering our health. Exposure to bacteria helps us to develop antibodies to fight disease. Studies are under way to see if the autoimmune diseases may be at least partly due to so much cleanliness that our immune systems have nothing to do but attack healthy tissue. In Europe, whose culture and lifestyle are otherwise similar to ours, people bathe less often than we do. It was also fine with our ancestors, who bathed only on Saturday nights! "Separate" should be thankful he's living with someone hygienic enough that he can't tell the difference. -- DAILY BATHER BUT HOLD THE ANTI-BACTERIAL SOAP DEAR ABBY: I lived in Italy for a year. When my Italian hosts realized I was showering every day, they thought I was crazy. The only thing you really need to wash every day are your private parts. That's why bidets are so common in Europe. -- ERIN IN HESPERIA, CALIF. DEAR ABBY: I'm a nurse, but you don't have to be a nurse to know that a few dead skin cells aren't harmful. For someone with dry skin, a daily bath can do more harm than good. That husband must have other problems going on -- like retirement boredom, as you suggested. I wonder if he drove his former co-workers nuts, too? Thanks for setting him straight. -- KOKOMO, IND., R.N. DEAR ABBY: Queen Isabella of Spain, one of history's most famous rulers and sponsor of Christopher Columbus' voyages, bragged that she took only two baths in her entire life -- when she was born and when she got married. Of course, hygiene standards have improved in 500 years. -- ROBERT C., ATHENS, GA.


to Kelly K - November 7

No knowledge? Excuse me?? I think I know that I rarely get sick, do not have rashes, have hygienic genitals, and I shower everyday! Those docs that warn about bacteria resistant germs are referring to the frequent hand washing with antibacterial soaps. Eat your words. A few opinions about it being okay to stink wont make me change my opinion. If your v____a smells, thats a darn indication to SHOWER MORE !!!!!!!


Lalalalalala - November 7

I agree that it is important to clean your private area everyday, ecspecially if there is an odor coming from down there-that is just common sense! But sometimes an odor can mean an infection or BV which just cleaning with soap and water will not fix. I know if someone has BV it can only be treated with an antibiotic. So to everyone making stupid comments about Mel's cleaning habits can stop because it probably has nothing to do with the actual problem.


to Mel - November 7

You may want to talk to your doctor, I had the same issue and she said it was a yeast infection, and when the the s____n mixes with your juices, it creates that smell. Showering doesnt have anything to do with it, its not like u can stick the shower head up your crotch.


fyi - November 8

A well-known advertising strategy (to some) is making consumers feel insecure and creating fears that can be overcome by buying. Being an accepted member of society has become very important to most individuals. For instance, the presence of body odor on individuals makes them an outcast in society. Advertisers use this knowledge to their advantage by developing ads that show a person using deodorant and being recognized as popular. If you bathe too frequently you will remove the natural oils from the skin causing dryness. Deodorant soaps are often very harsh and drying. They can cause v____al irritation and odor in some women. Everyone has a natural oil covering their skin. This oil, named sebum, is made by glands in the skin. When the oil is removed by frequent use of drying agents, such as soap, the skin becomes dry which can lead to cracking and flaking. This can predispose the skin to infection from wart viruses and bacteria. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003250.htm


What? - November 8

FYI- You are weird. And what the hell are you talking about. J- Someone needs to wash your MOUTH out.Gross! Mel-Just ask your doctor about it, he can give you something to fix the problem. :)


mel - November 8

thanks all for the advise and to those who are being rude.... I only asked for advise I think you need to grow up, its a problem and I’m looking advise in how to solve it, I don’t your smart remarks.



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