Whats Up With The Gas

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orim5 - June 4

i recently found out im expecting and you know that one of the "symptoms" is gassyness, well why is that a symptom of early pregnancy? ive tried to search on the web info as to why this occurs in so many woman but i have yet to find the real answer, any thoughts on this annoience?


amethyst_dragonfly - June 4

Orim5, "Early on in pregnancy, large amounts of the hormones relaxin and progesterone are at work, relaxing the muscles in your body — including those in your gastrointestinal tract. This makes food move more slowly (good for baby) but can lead to indigestion and ga__siness for you (bad for anyone standing, sitting, or sleeping near you). In addition, your expanding uterus places increasing pressure on your rectum, which can wreak havoc on muscle control and lead to the pa__sing of some serious wind. To ease your flatulence, you can : Eat right and drink plenty of water to avoid becoming constipated, which can aggravate ga__siness. Opt for smaller meals that don’t overload your digestive system. Aim for six small meals a day, rather than three large ones. Slow down. When you eat too quickly, you often swallow air, which can form gas pockets in your belly. Try to relax. Tension can also cause you to swallow air, both during meals and during the day. Avoid ga__sy foods such as cabbage, beans, fried foods, onions, or anything that affects your particular digestive tract in a painful or musical manner. Keep your weight gain gradual and moderate to minimize the amount of pressure on your digestive tract."


amethyst_dragonfly - June 4

--This information came from whattoexpect.com | **Congrats**


strop_gurl - June 4

my grandmothers and older aunts use to tell me that when a women get pregnant and she have alot of gas then it means that the baby will have alot of [email protected]#* HOPE IT IS TRUE 4 ME I WILL C IN SOMETIME N DECEMBER


orim5 - June 5

thats funny, if thats the case id be having a apeLOL thanks:)


soontobe6 - June 5

your digestive system slows down when pregant so some women get alot more gas.u can try to have less gas by whating what u eat.the site called preganancy weekly has a list od foods to stop eating to cut back on your gas.



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