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brandon - September 13

me and my girlfriend was doing our thing in bed as what they call it dry s_x. i ad my pants on and she did also. i didn't came and she didn't have an orgasim or anything. we just went up and down. a few days later a bump appear on her va___a. she told me taht and also that white kind of thick substance came out her va___a. she is worried and needs to know what it is asap. she doesn't want to go to the doctor because of her parents. please need answers thank you in advance


Kris - September 13

If you both had your pants on why would she be worried about her parents? If she is itchy it is probably a yeast infection or something. Tell her to go to the doctor and if she doesn't want her parents to find out she went they don't have to know. Doctors have to keep it confidential. The doc isn't gonna call up her parents and tell them everything or something.


Melissa - September 14

Since you were having dry s_x, all of the rubbing could have irritated her skin and caused a clogged hair follicle..maybe that is why she has a bump...as for her discharge...if it is clumpy, has a foul odor or she is itchy..it could be an infection that can be cleared up with medication. Maybe all that playing around with clothes on didnt let air circulate enough in her pants and bacteria got trapped....just a possibility. Tell her to see her doc.....good luck


oh - September 14

oh boy do i miss the days when we would dry hump forever and not do the deed. Making out for hours on end and still getting off on the dry hump.... Anyways, enough of the flashbacks, Brandon she could have just had an irritation due to the friction of your pants rubbing together. which coudl cause a boil (I get them often). I alawys just place a warm(hot) wet wash cloth there and after a few days it will go down. As for the this substance was it white? did it smell? is she itchy? could be a yeast infection and for that she needs to see a doctor. Don't worry about the parents, yeast infections are not (always) caused by s_x.


oh G! - September 14

Why are such young people doing these things if they don't even know the basic stuff about s_x?



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