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Wendypersia - December 29

i have had two periods this month dec.15th and dec.29th. i have never had a problem with being irregular before and i am little scared. my first period was little than usual and stopped a few days early. i have not been under any more stress than usual and since i stared today i noticed that the color is a little bright and clumpy. as far as i know i am pretty healthy. i don't know whats wrong and its a little scary. i have had s_x unprotected on nov.22 so i don't know if thats part of the issue. can someone give me some advice and a little ease of mind please?


mjvdec01 - December 29

Have you taken a pregnancy test at all? Any cramping? It almost sounds like you may have been pregnant and then something went wrong. What other details can you give? Do you know when you ovulated? Are you in any pain?


Wendypersia - December 29

none other than what feels like menstrual cramping have not taken a pregnancy test but i have had weird feelings in my stomach and nausea like trying to throw up the last two weeks. i ovulate two weeks before my usual period. i am worried though. i was going to take the test next week but i got caught off guard when my period stared today. i have no pains except the usual menstral cramps. i have also been fatigued even after i get up from sleeping. i just don't know whats wrong becuase i have not ever had any problems with being irregular. if i was pregnant or am it would be my first so i don't know what to expect or what not too. i am scared


Grandpa Viv - December 30

Let's a__sume you got pregnant from the Nov 22 s_x, a lighter-than-usual period Dec 15 would be part of the picture, along with nauseous feelings, fatigue, and other signs starting around that time. A second bout of bleeding only two weeks later could be termed "threatened miscarriage". If by chance this is what happens, you would experience major cramps and bleeding and should be checked by a doctor. A home pregnancy test tomorrow morning first am pee is in order. Good luck!.


collegebound - January 7

it does sound like you might be pregnant but the symptoms vary from woman i think the best thing to do is go to the doctor for a blood test. hpts are okay but just to be sure you might want to draw blood



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