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C - May 11

Im only 18 and my boyfriend and I have been trying to get pregnant for a few months. I dont understand how it seems so hard for people to get pregnant that actually WANT a baby, but then people that dont try get pregnant right away! Any advice on how to get pregnant easier?


Gerri~ - May 11

chill out and stop stressing over it. It will happen when you least expect it good luck


nhb - May 11

Sounds dumb, but don't try--don't even think about it and then more likely than not you will. My husband and I have had two "surprises" already, and I was on BC the first time! That's what I hear works the best. Good luck and lots of baby dust to you though :)


MYA - May 11

when it's your time then it's your time there's no way of helping it or counting the days of your cycle. all of that is just something mad up and when it seems to have worked it's just a coincident. that's science we answer to a hire power GOD and what god has for me is for me, every thing happens for a reason ,and it is already written I'm sure you've heard some one use one of those phrases. and you have heard it because people say it and they say it because it's true so in other words it's out of your hands. LET GO AND LET GOD


Cory - May 11

Get married first then try. Be morally responsible.


Young - May 11

Maybe this is some ones way of telling you, your not married, your young, you have a lot of growing up to do and you’re not ready to have a baby. Think hard about your comment, you well see just how immature and ignorant you really are, you’re not mentally ready to be a mother, it says it all in your age and comments. I am not trying to be mean or rude I am just telling you like it is. You’re boyfriend???? Try being married, having a home and other adult responsibilities before you go jumping in to the “major league” of adult hood. I hope you don’t get pregnant, I am so sorry to say it; I know it breaks your heart. But you’re still a child.


to C - May 11

It took me about 15 years to get pregnant so please, do not rub it in!


Jodie - May 12

C it took me 18 months to concieve my first and then i miscarried at 10 weeks, although a month later i fell pregnant again, so just relax and eventually happen. to Cory and Young who the hell are you to tell her shes immoral and should be married, you have no idea of her maturity, i was 18 when i started trying for my first,i had a mortgage but was not married, never did marry the father we seperated a few years ago as he was abusive now im 15 weeks pregnant with my new man, we were planning on eloping to fiji at the end of the year but fate had different plans(we're still eloping just a bit sooner and not in fiji :( ). And as for being to young i wanted to have all my kids in my twenties unfortuanately this didnt happen as im now 30 but its still just as exciting, Good luck C i wish you all the best


Young - May 12

Jodie, get your facts straight I never called her immoral I called her ignorant and immature. Marriage is not priority to have a baby, some people don’t like marriage and that’s ok. Her not being married was one of the many things wrong with this picture. If she was older and unwed then that’s a whole other story. She is young and unwed; she needs to live her life. It does not matter how mature you are for your age. I was very mature for 18, I too thought I was ready and tried to get prego. Thank god I didn’t because I realize no matter how mature I was I was not ready, there were changes and things I needed to go through that you just don’t go though until you hit your twenties. YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER BEING 30! There are mental things that happen to a woman in her twenties that changes her life forever. It’s a part of the mental development of the human brain, No matter how mature you are these things DON’T happen until you hit the appropriate age. Point being 18 is too young to purposely try and have children.


Young - May 12

Can you honestly say you are the same women you were when you were 18???? You mean to tell me you never grew up?????? You made my point for me Jodie. You’re not even with the man that got you prego because he was abusive. Do you think that now being 30 and knowing what you know you would be more careful with the men you have unprotected s_x with????????? See lesson learned from young stupid mistakes, I made them too. I am sure you love your child, but now your baby has no father in their life because the daddy is abusive. That’s right Jodie, that’s really healthy for your child, it has no daddy!!!! Really mature of you at 18!!!!!!!!!!!!


~S~ - May 12

Why do you want a baby at 18??? Why not just enjoy your youth while you can, don't try to grow up too fast and take on responsibilities that you don't necessarly need at the moment. Besides, it'll happen when it WANTS to happen, not when you want it to happen.


Jodie - May 13

Actually Young i never said that you called her immoral. And as for me having children early with an abusive man that only started happening a few years ago after i had been with him for ten years and i was 27, and my kids do have a father they see him every weekend and spend half the holidays with him, and now that we have split we are great friends and have a better relationship now than we ever did before. And no my kids werent stupid mistakes and im still not married and thats my choice, having a piece of paper does not change a thing, it doesnt mean people are more commited to each other, otherwise there would be a lower divorce rate


Young - May 13

I NEVER called your children a stupid mistake. No matter how a child came to be they are never a mistake. I called your choice in men a mistake. You really like to twist he things people say.


Young - May 13

oh, and, I thought I said its not all about marriage............that there are so many more factors to it than that, one again get your facts straight.


April - May 13

I didn't read all the other posts so I don't know if anyone else said this... but before you TRY to get pregnant.. you should take a cruise through the "single and pregnant" forum. I know your boyfriend wants you to get pregnant, but you would not believe how many girls have boyfriends who wanted them to get pregnant, and when they do they all of the sudden change their minds and either dump the girl or tell her to get an abortion. It's actually very sickening. I think that's why they say to get married first (even though there are husbands that leave too) because it's a more secure situation to bring a child into. I know that I'm going to try my hardest not to even have s_x again until I'm married, because I never want to put myself into the situation I'm in ever again (boyfriend left me at 4 months pregnant). So if you want to get pregnant, that's your decision of course, just make sure you're prepared to be a single mom if you do, because you never can tell how guys will react. (and don't say "i know my boyfriend wouldn't leave me.. he's not like that" because you can ask any of the girls whose boyfriends left them.. and i'm sure they would've said the same thing before they got pregnant) Just be careful, that's all I'm saying.


Jodie - May 15

Actually Young saying the man i chose is a mistake feels the same as saying my kids are bc if it wasnt for me being with him i wouldnt have my kids so i dont feel any of it was i mistake. I have absolutely no regrets in my life. I had no way of predicting he would become abusive, even the day before it happened. And as for me being to young, i was exactly the same age as my mother was when she had me and she had only known my father for 3 months, yet they are still together, have a great marriage and great careers. And another thing 2 of my best friends, who are both in their mid 30's, have just gotten pregnant to their new husbands both of whom are a really really bad choice in men, so i dont think making bad choices and being young go together


Young - May 15

Jodie, If you really want to contribute and root on this kind of behavior, a 18 year old trying to get pregnant with a boyfriend then fine, I know what frame of mind you and your acquaintances/friends/family have and I would not expect anything more from you. I am done arguing with unsophisticated people about such a sensitive subject. I don’t see very many successful people purposely having babies at 18 with boyfriends; I only see this pattern in the ghetto, trailer parks, and low income areas. This is my last post on this subject since I don’t have any mature and educated people to really see a problem here. So If I am wrong for expecting people to try and get an education, live life and get a good paying career so they can give the best they can to their children, before trying to have kids (weather it be with a boyfriend or husband) then I know exactly the kind of people I stand among here and I am not on that mentality level. Good luck with your life Jodie.



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