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Mommiex20803 - February 12

Alright this really has nothing to do with pregnancy but has to deal with my husband and MIL.....now is it me or them......when im at his mom's house she has tons and tons of expired foods and drinks...like some food being 3 years passed the "best by" date.....now do i have every right to refuse to eat any of it....(i wont touch anything that is more than a few months past it)....and is it wrong for my husband and his mom to "make fun" of me...like they have this grape juice that is a year past the "best by" date and they still try giving it to my son....and when i say something they just say "oh its fine...i wouldnt give him anything thats bad..." umm i think its bad...lol i mean i was raised not to touch anything that passes by that date...so am i wrong or are they wrong?? and i just feel "attacked" and that im over-reacting when i think or say anything about it....sorry if this is rambled....please respond!


Melissa30 - February 12

I would not eat or drink anything past the expiration date. They put those dates on there for a reason. Sometimes eating something past the expiration date could cause food poisoning. If I were you I'd put my foot down when it comes to your son.


kaydensmama - February 12

I agree, I won't touch things that are more than a week past that date. I wouldn't let them give it to my son either.


DownbutnotOUT - February 12

I answered on your other thread and as I said I would not let them feed me or my son anything expired its dangerous! I would buy my own food and tell my husband and my MIL that it is gross and not healthy to be eating expired food, period!


crackersforme - February 13

agreed....they don't put the expiration dates on there for the fun of it - -- it's a HEALTH warning.


HeavenisMine - February 13

I wouldn't touch it if it were a day pa__sed ex. for one thing it tastes nasty most of the time, and for another you have to watch out for the well being of your son above all. I usually make jokes about it when my mom leaves stuff in her cupboards or fridge pa__sed the ex. date. She says it's fine but knows I won't touch it. In other words maybe you could try teasing back, like "wasn't this served at the last supper?" or "wait, let me check the date, 2003 b.c? That's cool" I am silly, I know.


Mommiex20803 - February 13

LOL Heavenismine....i honestly laughed out loud on that one....and thanks for everyone who has posted! yeah i honestly just get sick thinking about it...i feel like i starve here because i dont know whats good and what isnt!! anyways thanks im glad im not the only one who wont touch food a little past the date! :)


denimb__terfly - February 13

I am the exact same and my ex's family is like that. They have no problem buying stuff that is expired too.



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