When Can I Know

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CuriousOne - May 1

After how long, will i be able to know whether she's pregnant or not? "Using a pregnancy test kit"


Nopi - May 1

you have to wait until her period is late. but you can prevent this, have her get the morning after pill. if you are not ready for kids do not stress yourself out, or her young body, by having a kid now. this situation is easily taken care if with that pill...the longer you wait the less time you have for her to take it! call a pharmacy or planned parenthood....something! dont just sit around and do nothing.


firerose78 - May 2

Is this something that is unwanted by the both of you 'CuriousOne'? I just dont understand why Nopi jumped to saying kill the baby? To answer your question, they make early pregnancy tests. But it all just depends on hormone levels and implantation time etc. Safest to say for her to take one if she is late on her period by say 3 days. If she knows her cycles well i would say the first day but cycles and ovulation times can vary from women to women and there is no way to say for sure. If it is just one instance and you have a set date you know may have been "the day". Two to three weeks would be sufficient time from that date.


firerose78 - May 2

Okay i see the other thread, just happened yesterday, got it. There wouldnt even be a baby yet morning after pill is a good suggestion. Pullout method gives you a way less chance of conceiving but there is still a possibility. My suggestion, and maybe someone already suggested this (i didnt read the whole thread) She needs to get on birth control if you two do not want to have a baby. Good luck.


CuriousOne - May 2

I really do want to call them, I've called planned parenthood but they dont open on weekends, and friday was a holiday!


Nopi - May 4

I would never suggest killing a baby.....! The morning after pill does NOT stop a pregnancy already in progress, it only stops the egg from being fertilized to PREVENT a pregnancy! And there is a time limit on being able to take the morning after pill after unprotected s_x. So regardless...this pill is not an abortion pill!



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