When Can U Have An Abortion

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michelle - July 9

my preiod is 2 weeks late...and i did 2 pregnecy test at home, and it seems like iam....i want to throw up all the time..and someone tood me that u can have an abortion when im in da thrid month?....can't i do it any earlyier?


SaRaH - July 7

How old are u? Is that the only option that u think is best for u?


Michelle - July 8

Hi, I'm pregnant with my 2nd. I had my 1st sonogram at 6 weeks and we could see the heart beating, I could never imagine having an abortion, I could not live with that. Even if this baby is not planned, once you have it you cannot imagine life with out it. They are a lot of work, but they are a lot of pleasure too! It will change your life. This baby is part of you. Babies are blessings from above.


April - July 8

I had an abortion at the very last time you can, about three months. I was 18. I found out I was pregnant and went to the abortion clinic the next day, I was too early, I didnt even miss my period yet, I found out by a routine physical for school. Then I had to wait, I had morning sickness soooo bad. T decided to go through with it, and they do a sonagram before the procedure, and I had twins! It is mandatory that one waits two weeks to think about the decision. Why two babies is different than one, I dont know, but I again had to wait. To this day, I think about my babies every day, that was 10 years ago. so if you do decide to go through with an abortion, your "problem" doesnt go away, its with you for life


brucen - July 9

As soon as pregnancy is confirmed, an abortion can be carried out. Very early abortions can take place soon after the woman has missed her first period. Most hospitals and clinics will not consider termination beyond 18-20 weeks. If you are considering having an abortion you should seek your doctor's advice as soon as possible. To pinpoint the exact stage of the pregnancy an ultrasound scan is used. There are time limits to abortions so the sooner you seek help the better. No matter what you decide "your problem doesnt go away, it's with you for life" So you should decide which option is best for you.


Amanda - July 9

That is so awful there are so many ladies on here that WANT babies and can not have them and you are on her talking about killing yours. I will take it but please do not kill it.


Samantha - July 9

Why would you choose to have an aborton when there are other options!Such as keeping your leg closed and when you know you dont wanna a baby and are really considerign having an abortion...remember thats considered killing your unbord child ...murder!!!



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