When Can You Hear Your Baby S Heart Beat For The First Time

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Leanne - October 15

Hiya, im 13 weeks pregnant, but on my 8th week the midwife come to my house and i heard the babys heart beat...i went to see my midwife yesterday and i told her about that she said its impossible to hear it at 8weeks so its either a big baby or possible twins...what do you think about that? i thought its normal to hear it at 8 weeks lol....also i was told you cant hear two heart beats of twins in early pregnancy...i'd like to know what u think thanks xx


Viv - October 15



Leanne - October 16

ok thanks viv


Christina - October 16

Hello, I just found out I am having twins, and I am only 15 weeks, and we heard the heart beat at week 14 and 15. Maybe what you thought that what you heard was your own heart beat, I don't know what to say. Good luck.


Melissa - October 17

It all depends on your uterus. Some women will hear the heartbeat very early with a doppler because their uterus is sitting high and has already "popped out". I am 17 weeks with my 3rd and have a retroverted uterus so it takes longer to hear my babies heartbeats. I think I was like 12 weeks for all of them. But, I do know plenty women who have heard it much sooner. Eight week is not abnormal to hear a heartbeat. It is very hard to distinguish two seperate heart beats early in pregnancy. But it has been done! Good luck and take care.


chrystal - October 20

I had my first ultrasound a little over a week ago, I was 9 weeks and we heard the heartbeat loud and clear. And there is just 1 in there.


michelle - October 22

I am with crystal, I am 10 weeks and when I went to the doctor the heartbeat was very distinct. Loud and beating rapidly at 172bpm. For my 2nd child we got a heartbeat at 9 weeks so yes it is possible, I guess it just depends on the mom, and how good the doctor is at locating the beat.



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