When Cum Comes Out

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monique - August 26

When a guy c_ms in you then after a few seconds pulls out then the c_m starts running out could u still get pregnant?


SaRaH - August 25

Yes! It is not gonna get absorbed by something in there. It has to come out! How old are you?


Angela - August 26

Yes!!!! Anytime a man c_ms inside you with out protection you have a good possibility of getting pregnant. Get on birthcontrol, or make him wear a condom if the fact of pregancy scares you!!!!!


April - August 26

I got pregnant over stupidity... I was not on birth control anymore.. we were away from home and didnt have any protection.. so he decided ok Ill pull out on time.. he did.. but some still got in me... than 3 weeks later I found out I was pregnant.. so even if the slightest bit gets in there, they still can work!!


Natalie - August 26

Yes, anytime you have s____n inside your body you can become pregnant. If you don't want to get pregnant use the pill and a condom to be 100% safe. Condoms also protect against AIDS and STD but can break or leak causing semem to enter your body. Also, even if a male does not actually "c_m" you can become pregnant because a male can and does have pre-ejaculation with or w/o fully "c_mming" so don't let a male tell you that he he "pull out" before "c_mming" and you won't get pregnant because that is not true! Guys seem to use that line alot to get what they want.


LindaK - August 26

Yes! Yes! Yes! Good Lord, Girl... have you never heard of HIV? Pregnancy is the least of your worries. I don't mean to come off like some holy-roller. I'm going to be 40, and I can remember the "good old days" before AIDS was a concern. When pregnancy and your reputation were the only things at stake. Tell him to wear a d__n condom! A little attention is not worth your life. Peace


Lisa - August 26

Oh my, yes you can get pregnant not to mention diseases. Just because s____n ran out that does not mean anything. I would suggest a pregnancy test if you are late with your period and keep your clothes on until you have gotten some education on how one can get pregnant. Pregnancy let alone s_x is an adult decision with possible complications and to have s_x without being educated is just plain stupid. It is obvious from your question that you are not educated on s_x therefore, you should stop having it for your own sake.


Maria - August 26

Monique anytime you have a p___s inside your body without protection (pill, condom, IUD, foam) you can become pregnant. Even with protection, it is not a guarantee. The only guarantee is NO s_x until you are old and mature enough to handle any surprises that might happen (ie. pregnancy, STD, HIV/AIDS). Even when a guy does not c_m there is still pre-ejaculation which can create a baby. Guys can pre-ejaculate without even knowing it. They can pre-ejaculate with just s_xual excitement and be aware that "pulling out" is not a prevention either so don't let a guy trick you. Please talk to someone and get educated before you continue this behavior it might just save your life.



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