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Paisley45 - November 7

Last period:September 28th. Number of days in a cycle over the last year: 30, 36, 31, 29, 31, 38, 33, 30, 34, 39, 30, 38, now pregnant. It's important for me to know which day I became pregnant. I had s_x on day 6, day 15 and day 21. I found out I was pregnant on day 30 and my HCG level was 52, two days later it was 128. I rarely have cervical fluid, I had a little on the 21st. I've been charting over the year and it appears that I peak around day 19. Is it possible I could have gotten pregnant on day 6?


To Paisley45 - November 7

Its 2 wks after your last period. Thats the day you conceived.


Pailsey45 - November 7

That's actually not true. If you have a 28 cycle, then you are likely to conceive (or be fertile on day 14, which is 2 weeks after your period). Thanks anyway.


HMM - November 7

I would say you got pregnant around the 15th or 21st since your cycle days look to be over 28days. I'd think you got pregnant between the two to four weeks after your last period. The 6th is only a little over a week.


kris - November 7

Very slim chance of the 6th being the day - very, very slim. Much better odds of the 15th being the day, because even if you ovulated several days after the 15th, his sperm would still be alive from the 15 to as late as the 21rst. Your cycles can be long, so 21rst also a real chance. Unfortunately, there is really no way to know if the 15th or the 21rst is the day unless you take ultrasounds very early - like the 6 - 9 week zone because as you get further along that 6 day difference wont be obvious to the docs... best of luck.


Paisley45 - November 7

Interesting....thanks for your update. I do have an ultrasounds next thursday (which would be about 7 weeks) so do you think she would know?


HMM - November 7

Usually u/s can detect when you got pregnant within a week. It was correct for me. When we figured I was 8 weeks pregnant from the last period, the ultrasound said nine weeks. So they're closely accurate.


TO: Paisley45 - November 7

Why do you ask?


Pailey45 - November 7

Because we went through a lot to get pregnant. And I always thought I ovulated between day 19-22. If that's not the case then I need to completely alter the way I go about this for baby number 2.


HMM - November 7

After I had my first baby, then went on b.c. for a few years, my period was totally different than before the first baby. So it wouldn't have done me any good to do all that figuring until I knew how it was going to be regularly after the first, when I was ready for the second.



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