When Did It Hit You

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clare - May 10

hiya everyone congrats on bellys and good luck to those trying.................. i just thought it would be fun to swap stories on when you actually took a step back and thought wow im pregnant? with me it happened early on im 24 weeks now when i found out i was preg i had to do a test at the docs to confirm it and when i got a phone call from the docs saying yes you are pregnant i went crazy lol everyone at work laughed at me and said yeah you told us 2 weeks ago!!! lol xx


Evonna - May 11

Yea, i also had took a pregnancy test and it was positive. Then i had to go to the hospital to be sure, and yes i was pregnant! I was shocked because i did have an miscarriage long ago and i thought i might go through it again. I am sooo happy my baby girl is still inside me kicking like crazy. I am 27 weeks pregnant and cannot wait to give birth to her. I think my Fiance' was more excited than i was because he always wanted children with me. He said he wants 5 kids, lol. I was like 'uh..no'..3 kids is the limit for me.


JESS1980 - May 11

I don't think it really hit me until we had the first u/s. Seeing our little one on the screen and hearing his heartbeat definitely made it seem real!!!


CyndiG - May 11

Hey guys. I didn't really have a moment of epiphany but my husband on the other hand......I am 30 weeks, and have a 7 year old daughter. I had ordered a b___st pump that came with bottles. It came last Friday and he called me. I answer the phone "hello?" He says, "Oh my God!" I'm thinking the world is ending what happened??? He goes again, "Oh my God!" I'm saying, "what, what, what's wrong????" He goes, "We are going to have a baby!" Uh, "Yes honey, I told you about this around 7 months ago." He says, "we have baby bottles, Oh my gosh, we're gonna be using baby bottles again!" So it was a real moment of reckoning for him! I was just laughing!


clare - May 11

lol 5 is a bit much lol we are happy to aim for 3 in total as long as i have my body to myself on my 21st birthday i dont mind lol.


livdea - May 11

Heck, it didn't hit me that I was pregnant until about 20ish weeks! I knew I was, I had ultrasounds, felt girly, was getting big ol'hips and well it wasn't until much later that I was like "WHOA! I'm PREGNANT!" Once I came to terms with that....which wasn't that long ago...NOW I'm just starting to realize..."WHOA, I'M GOING TO HAVE A BABY!" for me, those were two TOTALLY different realizations! I have two months to go and I'm still comming to terms with the fact that I'm going to HAVE a BABY...to HOLD, in my ARMS. WHOA! Crazy Crazy Crazy! YAY!


drea - May 11

Livdea....I'm the same way. I had my "BIG" sonogram last week at which we found out we're having a little girl, I was like "WOW I'm going to be a mom" and now as I look a the sonogram pictures I'm totally bugging out and starting to get a little scared. It's still totally wierd to me. But I;m really excited at the same time.


lynnstress - May 11

It hit me every time I saw a photo of myself. Just wait until you have your little one - about 2 or 3 months later, you're still saying "Wow, what did we do???" :)


Bluemonster - May 11

I can't really remember a moment when it hit me, but I can relate to Cyndi. About three months ago I had to work for about three weeks and my husband stayed at home. One day when I got home from work he looked absolutely exhausted and a little wild eyed. He looked at me and said, "Do you realize we have two kids now?" Our youngest daughter is almost nine months old right now! :D


falafal0 - May 11

I can relate to the other posts...I am 25 weeks now, or almost 6 months, 3 until my due date which makes it easier for me and everyone else, especially DH. We were lying in bed early this morning and he was talking and carrying on with my belly, lying on it and getting kicked and laughing, and he asked when I'll be six months. I said in a week or so...it was quiet for a bit, then he kept saying where did the 6 months go? Holy cow, there's only three months left, we need this, we need that, we have to move this and make room...I think the "three months left" really made him realise that it'll go really quick and it's a definite reality! It's different from where we are, we feel it every day, and have for months, but for some men it's just a belly with legs until they hold their baby, which is when the reality hits hard, as it does. It's all good.


adubb14 - May 12

I'm 13 going on 14 weeks pregnant. I mean, I know I'm pregnant. We even heard the babies heart beat two weeks ago. But now that I'm not sick from all day sickness...I just feel normal. I never got really tired. I did have all day night sickness from the 5th week until the 12th week. But now nothing. I still don't feel pregnant. My really good friend who got pregnant 4 weeks after I did, lost her baby on Tuesday...could I be projecting? I mean maybe I'm afraid to get too close? I don't know...still waiting for the excitement.


Stace - May 12

I feel awful saying this but I dont think it actually hit me until they put my little girl in my arms and as I looked down at her and she looked back at me I realised that she was MINE ALL MINE and NOBODY was going to take her away from me. I had trouble relating the BUMP to being a BABY daft i know. I spent the next three days sobbing cause I didnt think I'd ever be good enough for her. Now its a diifferent story I know this is a baby not just a bump and I cant wait to hold his precious one in my arms.



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