When Did It Sink In

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vanessa - May 5

I am going on 6 weeks pregnant and I STILL don't believe that I am. Of course I am... the doctor has confirmed with a blood test.. but aside from feeling like c__p - I don't feel like this is real. How long did it take for you all to realize this was really happening? Is it the first OB appointment? Just curious... I'm thinking I'm not normal or something. Thanks.


prego nc - May 5

I still find it hard to believe at 21 weeks.


Kelly K - May 5

I'm 14 weeks and it's just now sinking in. It took seeing the baby on ultrasound moving around to really make it real.


JB - May 5

When I heard the first heartbeat at 12 weeks. Then to see my baby moving around when we did an ultrasound. I cried at both.


LESLIE - May 5

Today I got a package from my sister-in-law, I opened it and inside was baby clothes, very cute by the way..but then I am like Wait, what do I want this for..I am going to put this on a baby? MY BABY!! and then I am like Shet, this has to sink in, before the baby is born!! I think is very normal.


Mary - May 5

Same here, just like Kelly - when I saw my little one inside my belly at 12 weeks, I cried like a baby! It sinked in 100%!


Misty - May 5

With my first son and my second pregnancy it sunk in immediatly. Like, from the moment I had the positive HPT. But then I m/c the second pregnancy and got pregnant again immediatly after unexpectedly. I am 17 weeks tomorrow and it still hasn't sunk in. I have heard the heartbeat twice and had a u/s. Saw the baby waving its little hand and kicking its feet. But as soon as I left the office it felt unreal again. I am starting to feel movements every now and then and every time I do the pregnancy becomes real. I can't wait to feel my baby all the time. Right now things feel like fiction, that is the best way to describe it. I am tired of feeling that way. I am excited and happy and I feel so blessed, so, it makes me feel bad that I feel this way right now.


nelly - May 5

even though i was sick as a dog everyday and puking 3 times a day i dont think it sank in til i heard the heartbeat at 11 weeks. but i still cant believe it.it feels like its all a dream and i am 28 weeks i already have a 5 year old and i cant wait til this one is born because im just in disbelief i cant wait to see what she looks like.


Billie - May 5

I didn't get morning sickness or anything so I felt absolutely normal until I started to gain weight. It really sunk in when I heard his heartbeat for the first time!!!!


manda - May 5

I was 4 months before it really sank in. Now my daughter is 13 months old. they grow so fast.


KrisD - May 6

I think it sunk in at my 20wk u/s. I was so sick, but still felt only like I had an illness. Even with my early ultrasound I was just sort of thinking, "huh, is that inside of me?" Then at the 20 week I found out it was a boy, so I was able to think about it a little more deeply. I went out and bought some little blue outfits and felt like I didn't belong in the baby section... Real weird, but it is sinking in quitck now. In fact, now I am afraid it is all so by so fast!


vanessa - May 6

I'm happy to hear that I'm not strange or cold or something. I definately want to find out the s_x of the baby for the very reason that I will feel I can bond with it more even before birth if I know what it is. Make sense? Is that how some of you who plan to or have already found out feel? Thanks for sharing all of your feelings... it makes me feel a lot better. :)


Jena - May 6

YES, I want to find out the s_x of my babies before they are born - I agree completely that I will be able to bond with it more... as for pregnancy sinking in, it's just barely at 9 weeks - and only this early because I've had 3 ultrasounds and seen their heartbeats 3 times.. but I'm still waiting for the 12-week mark to feel "safely excited"!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 6

It started to sink in last night when I went to lay on my stomach and felt a noticeable bulge there. Other than that, and some serious food aversions, I am having a hard time believing. I'm a pessimist when it comes to good things in my life. I always believe that great and wonderful things happen to other people and that something will stop me from having these things. So, until I actually see this little blessing, accepting the fact that i'm producing a little miracle is hard for me. :o)


~S~ - May 6

I still find it hard to believe and I'm 6 months. My tummy isn't all that big and I do feel the baby move, but just very lightly. It only really hits me when I look down at my tummy and see the bump and I think "Oh my god! I really am pregnant" Once It hit me while I was in the check out line buying a few baby clothes and I thought to myself "Holy c___p, I'm buying this for MY baby and not someone elses" haha...But it still hasn't completely hit me yet. I'm not sure when it will, hopefully BEFORE I go into labour lol.


~S~ - May 6

" I have heard the heartbeat twice and had a u/s. Saw the baby waving its little hand and kicking its feet. But as soon as I left the office it felt unreal again. " <<<<< I'm the same way. I've heard the heart beat 3 times already and I've had 2 ultrasounds. The first time I heard the heartbeat, I got teary the second ultrasound was when I was able to see the baby move and kick. It was amazing, I looked at my bf and said "Whoa! That's our baby right there!!!" But shortly after i left the hospital, it all seemed unreal.


kate - May 8

I didn't believe it until I heard the heartbeat at 12 weeks. Saying that it still doesn't seem very real now and I've only got 9 weeks to go!!!!!!



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