When Did U Get Stretch Marks

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iimsooflyx0 - June 17

When did everyone start getting stretchmarks? Im 30 weeks and dont have any yet and am hoping i dont get any at all!!


olivia - June 17

never! I got lucky :)


livdea - June 18

I'm almost 37 weeks and knock on wood...haven't gotten them YET. I'm not going to jinx myself though...I've heard of women waking up in the morning after starting labor and SURPRISE they got stretch marks the day they delivered...go figure.


KLT - June 19

I'm 23 weeks and still no stretch marks! Yay! : )


adensmama - June 20

I am 29 weeks, first pregnancy, weighed 104 before i got pregnant and have gained about 20 pounds..i havent gotten any yet either knock on wood....Sometimes its all how stretchy and flexible your skin is i've heard


drea - June 20

none for me yet (27 weeks)


lucienne78 - June 20

I didn't get any my whole pregnancy until the 38th week and they're terrible!! I thought that I was in the clear but they came so suddenly. I gained the recommended weight - 28 pounds and i still got them.


Aud1441 - June 20

People will tell you its genes and people will tell you its how much cocoa b___ter you put on your skin, but in reality its how easy it is for your skin to stretch. If you gain 15 pounds in two months your skin wont be able to handle the amount of body weight you put on in the time frame. I am 24 weeks now and have only gained 7 pounds. I lost a bunch on my first trimester. I have yet to have any stretch marks, but I do watch what I eat. I exercise or do little movements to help my skin stretch. Its possible for people to wake up and automatically have them. It depends on how the skin elastisity is. I hope that helps. :)


RMC - June 28

I got a couple, but they weren't visible until after I had the baby. But it's only like 4 marks right across my belly b___ton, really small and not very noticeable.


Monica_WeinerBaby#1 - June 28

you guys are so lucky, im 20 weeks and have only gained 10lbs and i noticed on my lower stomach im gettin them already im built athletic broad sholders and im almost 6 foot so i guess that has alot to do with it but good luck to u all!


krc - June 29

i am 35 weeks and still dont have any!


aussiegal - June 29

i never did with my 1st baby except for my b___bs coz they grew at an alarming rate but they disappeared and im 18wks pregnant with my 2nd and still nothing! i just made sure i lubed up with mrs palmers coco b___ter every night


AshleyB - June 29

I'm only 16wks and I just noticed a tiny one on my belly. They're starting already! I got some palmers stretch mark cream so hopefully that will help.


AshleyB - June 29

I just wanted to add, that I believe its genes. With this pregnancy Ive been so sick that I've lost 16lbs. And haven't gained any back yet. I'm only 16wks and am just starting to get them. My mother and grandmother and I all have bad skin, so I knew I'd get them, but I thought i had a little more time. In any case people say its from weight gain, or the time you gain it in, its probably true, but not always the case, as with me, I'm smaller than before I got pg and my belly is just starting to show a little bit and I've already got like 2 baby stretch marks that weren't there before.


carol23 - July 1

Mine just started popping up. I'm so depressed over them. I had a teeny little one at about 25 weeks, and last week actually I started seeing more and more and I use lotion on my belly everyday 2X a day and I drink more water than anyone I know! I don't know how to stop them. I'm 31 weeks by the way.


Erynn21 - July 2

They really come down to genetics, if you have stretchy skin that is more elastic you're ;a__s prone to get them. My mom has a couple on her hip bone barely noticable, I have yet to have any I'm 31wks. I have heard keeping yourself out of the sun also helps, but I don't know if that's true.


Erynn21 - July 2

Typo-You not as prone to them, not a__s prone to them, lol. Although I'm sure some may get them there.



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