When Did You Get Your Bump

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k. - January 29

Hi guys, I'm only 5 weeks but I am so excited. When did everyone else get their baby bump?


livdea - January 29

I'm 16.5 weeks and still waiting...I just look fat now! I'm going to guess you have a little time to wait!


Alexi - January 29

Well, i was pretty thin pre-pregnancy, so i'm not sure that my growth is typical. People that know me could start telling at about 8 weeks, maybe a little less. My bump was too big for my regular clothes at about 14 weeks. Before that, a tight shirt showed off the belly... you sound so excited. That's good, cos as the belly gets bigger, the excitement will help you feel pregnant and not "fat"! CONGRATS, btw!


krc - January 30

Im 14 weeks and have no bump. Only when Im bloated does it look like I might be, but not to someone who doesn't know me. I


S - January 30

I didn't get mine until I was about 6 months, maybe 7......


Lumina - January 30

I am 6 months today and I am really noticing a nice bump coming along for the past week or so.


skn331 - January 30

I got my bump at about 12 weeks. However, mostly I also have 5 fibroids which make my uterus about twice the size it should be right now. I measured at 20 weeks when I was 11.


izzy1052 - January 30

im 31 wks 5 days... i just started showing a couple weeks ago... before that i just looked a little heavy but now its obvious i pregnant not just fat hehe


CDN Baby - January 30

I got a half bump to the belly b___ton at about 19 weeks, and a full bump to my chest and hard at 28 weeks.


snickelfritz - January 31

I started showing before 5 weeks with this pg. At first I thought it was bloating, but my nurse said I was showing and it's only gotten bigger. BUT, this is my second pg and I was pregnant very recently... gave birth this past April. So I think that makes a difference. Here is my belly pic progression: http://i1.tinypic.com/mr4bbp.jpg


krc - January 31

i've never seen a belly grow that fast. thats really each week?


EmsMummy - January 31

I started showing at about 16 weeks with my daughter. I'm 11 weeks now and definitely starting to show!


snickelfritz - January 31

krc, were you talking to me? If so, yep... that's each week so far!


dj - January 31

i'm 6 weeks, and you can see my bump already


NikkiPatchett - February 1

I'm 17 weeks now and definately showing, At around 7-8 weeks I started looking bloated like I had a big dinner and that continued till around the end of my 12th week, then I started getting my baby bump. From then on it grew and grew every day. Now i have a perfectly round belly, it's not a bump anymore it's from my ribs to my lower abdomen. Hope that helps.



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