When Did You Start Buying Stuff For Your Baby

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Tess - November 22

How many mos. were you when you started buying stuff for your baby? Did you wait til you find out the gender? Im plannin on buying baby stuff as soon as we find out the gender....Do you think thats too soon?


Shannon - November 22

I am eager to hear the replie because this was my exact question!


shaletta - November 22

Hi Tess, that's exactly what i did, i waited until i knew the s_x and then i started buying. Just keep your receipts, with my daughter, who will be 3 this Friday, the day after thanksgiving, i was told that she was a boy, so i bought everything boyish just to end up taking it all back. Now, i'm supposedly having another girl, due December 11, i'm scared, lol, i'm done with all my shopping, i just made sure i kept every single receipt.


Tess - November 22

Im plannin on buying stuff for my baby as soon as we find out the gender. But don't you thats a little bit too soon? or not? I need some feedback? How can you have 100% a__surance that its a boy/girl If I was 21wks pregnant? What do you ladies think?


~m~ - November 22

We started buying certain items, like diapers, and things when we found out we were pregnant. Things that aren't gender specific are safe to buy early. And things that you are going to need anyway. When we found out the gender, we started buying "blue" things. I have 2 sons. But we didn't take any tags off until the baby was here. Sometimes they are wrong about the s_x of the baby... as shaletta knows!! :o)


Amy - November 22

i think i started at like 7wks but i started with the big things then after we knew what it was then we went for the clothes and things


ally - November 22

Buy as soon as u can to get prepared, i began buying after a few weeks not knowing the gender, cause when u are bigger u dont have the energy so buy now while u do


ally - November 22

By the way i never found out the s_x until she popped out i mean i bought things necessary like bunny rugs, nappies, blankets, bottles, mittens, neutral clothes, ba__sinett ... u get the drill.... Just dont go overboard cause u continue to go overboard when they arrive


Tess - November 22

Thanks for all your feedback. I might start buying diapers, wipes then probably a stroller, car seat, carrier and crib........coz I know for sure those really cost alot.....So might as well. Then the rest I would probably just put it in my baby shower list. What do you gals think?


belle - November 22

I just pick up little things here & there as I see them, especially if they are on sale. No matter what you put on your registry, people LOVE to give baby clothes (especially if you know the gender) so you will probably get a ton of stuff for your little one to wear. Whenever I am at Target I will pick up a some baby wipes, diapers, or washcloths etc.......all stuff that is not gender specific. I am buying my stroller and crib as soon as I can decide on them because I want something a little more unique than what can be found in a Babies R Us and I don't want to do more than one registry (I learned my lesson at my wedding!). Have fun!!!


karine - November 22

LOL LOL when we were ttc! lol with our first..and with my son i waited as i only needed clothing if it were a boy..and when i found out..i baught everyhting right away lol


M.F - November 22

Hi! Im 8 months and Im just about to start buying stuff. Have not bought nothing at all but also want to wait to see what I will get at my baby shower..


Tess - November 22

I will find out in the next month and I am going out right away to buy and regester. I cant wait Im so excited! I dont think it's to soon at all.


HH - November 22

I may or may not be pregnant, but I would probably start shopping at about 12 weeks. I might buy some little socks or something before that. I don't want to know the s_x, so it will be green and duckies all the way! I think it is more practical because we will definitely want one or two more children. It will still be fun to buy little boy or little girl outfits, just later. I know my family, no one will be able to resist buying something cute after the baby is born- we'll probably get twice as many presents!! I think it is a good idea to buy the basics once you're past the first tri-mester.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 23

Usually you are never 100% sure that it is a boy or girl. I would buy whatever you find (keep in mind you will have showers) and keep receipts. You can always stock up on onesies, burp cloths, bibs, diapers, wipes, soap, shampoo, etc.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 23

I think I bought odds and ends once I was past first trimester. I always went and got him something new after each dr appt. A blanket or toy. Once I knew it was a boy it was so hard to pa__s up clothes! I bought a lot and got a lot for my shower. He did not wear it all. But it's so hard to resist!


Tess - November 28

Thanks ladies for all your replies....I am very, very excited to find out. Im encouraging my hubby to buy stuff for our baby........(ie. stroller,carrier,car seat) but he won't listen. he said its too early......I gues I might have to wait til we find out the gender.



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