When Did You Start Showing

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leelee - April 28

Hey everyone i just wanted to know at what month you started to show?


joan - April 28

i was around 4 months concrats


Lissi - April 28

Not until I was nearly 5 months.


Amy - April 28

Am 16 weeks 5 days. Just started to show within the last week or so. But this is my second baby. Sometimes you show earlier with your second. The first time, I didn't show til I was 6 and a half months pregnant. Good luck


leelee - April 28

thanks girls how is everyone feeling?


Amy - April 28

I am feeling wonderful now. Thank God the sickness has finally pa__sed. Now I can't eat enough. How about you?


leelee - April 28

Well im still a little sometimes i can eat and sometimes i smell the food and than get sick i am olny 9 weeks so i hope it goes away soon but its worth it well you know that.GOOD LUCK.


Lissi - April 28

At 21 weeks I'm feeling pretty good. Much more energy now than I had in the first trimester. Just feeling the occasional little kicks. Hope you start to feel better soon.


leelee - April 28

thanks and good luck


erika - April 28

im 20 weeks and 4 days and still not showing. im starting to get scared that maybe something is wrong. hope everything is okay:|


Karen - April 28

I'm 9 weeks, still having nausea everyday and will at least vomit once or twice a day. Really wish to pa__s these sickness soon :) Good luck to all


nancy - April 29

I was 6 months before I really started showing.


Tif - April 29

I didnt show w/ my first until i was almost 8 months! This time, I'm 14 weeks and already have a pooch!! :-) Erika: if your Dr is measuring you he would let you know if your baby wasn't growing. You probably just have tight stomach muscles!!!


April - April 29

i started showing a little tiny bit around 2 months... by the time i was 3 months you could definately tell i was pregnant, but probably only if you knew how skinny i was before, people who didn't know me probably thought i was just fat... haha


To Erika - April 29

Don't worry. Sometimes women don't show until they're 6 or 7 months. Maybe you just have better stomach muscles than some of us. I'm sure you're fine.


Lynn - April 29

Im 9w3d and I've started to show already. We were trying to keep it on the DL but people started guessing that I was pregnant because I have a little belly on me. I keep thinking that's its just added fat because I pigged out the first few weeks knowing that morning sickness was coming, but I've really only gained 5 pounds or so so It's more than just fat (especially because my b___t & thighs are where most of my pigout went!) Plus, a lot of my clothes are getting tighter on me..


lisa - April 29

I was 3 in a haft months when I startes to show he was a big boy.



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