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Normal weight gain or no? - November 15

I am 19 weeks and have gained about 14 lbs. It seems like a lot but when you're already half way there maybe it's not too bad if you just gain about the same for the next half of the pregnancy, which would mean 30lbs total. What are your thoughts?


Mommy - November 15

That is the normal weight gain if you are at average weight for height. I was told to gain around 20lbs because I'm short and a little chunky. But if you gain 30lbs and are at average weight you will be fine. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. :o)


22 - November 15

In my last pregnancy I gained 25lbs. total. I'm 5'6", and started at 185lbs. The weight all left when the baby came, except for about 10lbs. Which was easy to take off. Now I'm 22 weeks, and started at 180lbs. I didn't start gaining until three weeks ago. The tummy just started ballooing out as if I swallowed a ball one day. But I've only gained 10lbs.


NW? - November 15

14 lbs in 19 weeks sounds like a bit much. I've read some posts where people are saying 16 weeks = 2 lbs and that!!!! I was about 118 to start with at 5'4 so I'm not used to seeing so much so fast. It's very unnerving to read so many people are at 5 or pounds in their 20 something weeks!!!!!


Carly - November 15

You started at 118. That's small. I read that people who start out overweight when pregnant need to gain less. Not to sound impolite but 22 said she started at 185!!!!! and that's already very heavy. So she should only be gaining about 15 lbs for the whole pregnancy See this link: http://clients.intellectsystems.net/nutrition_affiliates_new/21/$$Weight%20Gain.html?menu_id=53&menu_item_id=7


HH - November 15

I wouldn't worry too much. Just focus on eating well- think nutrients, and all will be fine. You were on the small side to begin with- so you have a little more room than most. Good luck with your pregnancy!


Mommy - November 15

I understand that you said 22 is "already very heavy" but it would have sounded much nicer if you didn't have all the !!!! after the 185. That is just being rude IMO.


Karen - November 16

I'm not trying to be mean but Carly is right. 185 is obese for 5'6, so you should seek the doctor's advice about how much you should gain. It's not healthy to be so big and pregnant to boot. Most people don't weigh 185 with twins in their last month unless they are obese to start.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 16

I gained the majority of my weight in the last trimester. I only gained 22 lbs. The baby was 7lbs12oz and I lost it all by 6 weeks pp


22 - November 16

For your info., my doctor told me in the last, and this pregnancy that I should gain around 25lbs.!!! Also, you may have noticed that I added about losing all of the weight when the baby came, except ten pounds, which I lost a little over a month later. AND, I've only gained ten pounds now. The doctor doesn't see it being a problem. And believe me, he lets you know if he doesn't approve of something! Being 185lbs. isn't like the fat woman in the circus freak show anyway! And I carry my weight well! It's not just blobs here and there in other words. If I had to honestly compare myself to someone, I'd say my body type is the size of Kirstie Alley now(after she lost). Plus, I am healthy, because I don't eat junk food, or foods that aren't right for anyone. You should see my husband. He's 6'4", and weighs 200lbs. but he eats like a garbage disposal. Now that's unhealthy. Good thing he can't get pregnant!


mellissa - November 16

i started out at 98 lbs and my dr told me to expect to gain 40 pounds!! i am only 5'1 so i didn't think of myself as underweight or anything. i thought she was nuts, thought i'd gain about 25-30 lbs. well, by week 7 i already gained 12 lbs!! i ended up gaining 50 lbs, which my dr said was perfectly fine. it's been two years and i've kept 15 lbs. I love the weight i'm at right now. i'm pregnant again now, and hoping to not gain more than 30 lbs. i gained most of my weight in the very beginning, then gradually over the last few months. to me, 14 lbs by 19 weeks doesn't sound like too much. good luck!!


Cathy - November 16

I started out at 5'6 weighing 140#. I am in my 21st week and have gained 20# so far. My doctor is VERY pleased with my weight gain. I know it is a bit much at this stage, but my doc is happy with it.


To 22 - November 16

185lb at your height is OVER-WEIGHT. Please don't advise others that this is healthy, because it is not. I'm a nurse and I can a__sure you that you must gain weight for your pregnancy, but afterwards you should seek help in order to get fit and reach a healthy weight.


22 - November 16

The recomended weight for me is 145. So this is only around 50lbs. overweight. Which is alot, but I a__sure you, that I am aware of how to lose the weight. It's not like I'm morbidly obese weighing 100lbs. over or more. I was actually in the process when I got pregnant, but dr. has advised me to not diet while pregnant. I'm not advising others, just telling what I've been told.


Dear 22 - November 16

I'm sure you're always aware of your weight and try to lose it as all women do when they have a few extra pounds to lose, but now is not the time to stress about weight loss. You can deal with that later and don't need to explain yourself. Enjoy good healthy eating and your pregnancy. Good luck to you and your baby :)


me RE:know it all nurse! - November 16

22 isn't obese, my god, so what she weighs 185. so with you being a nurse and all you should know that at times a persons genetic metabolism plays a big part in their weight. i weighed 140 before i got pregnant, BUT i wore a size 3, some people have more muscle than fat and what not, so you can't judge a person (especially one who eats well) by the scale. it's people like you who make society DWELL over a dang scale their entire life.


To me (???) - November 16

I've seen you ranting all over this forum over every post you seem to read. I think you are simply starving for human interaction of any kind. The nurse was simply being factual, not mean. Get a grip on yourself! And stop going on threads just to stir up trouble.



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