When Do Stretch Marks Appear

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just curious - June 1

When did most of you get stretch marks? I'm 20 weeks pregnant and so far so good (fingers crossed) but I'm sure they will come in time. YUCK!


Heidi - June 1

I want to know too. I'm 20 wks tomorrow and so far so good. Lots of veins though. Yuck! My legs look flabbier too. I hope they don't get more cellulite than they already have. Blech!


s - June 1

I'm 25 weeks and still no stretch marks but I am expecting them! :(


Emily - June 1

You are all so lucky, I am 20 weeks and have been getting them on the underside of my b___sts since about 3 weeks ago. I have been slathering myself with cocoa b___ter with vitamin E since I was 9 weeks. Go figure, I guess I was just meant to have them!!


p - June 1

Im 37 weeks pregnant with my second child. I dont have any. Ive been using cocoa b___ter since 10 weeks EVERYNIGHT before bed. Im on my 3rd bottle. My first pregnancy I used vitamin E cream, EVERYNIGHT before bed. Dont get your hopes up though, its all about the elasticity of your skin, some women cant avoid stretchmarks but It cant hurt to try to prevent them.


Julie - June 1

I didn't get them until delivery. After delivery the doctor & nurse even commented on how I didn't have any but once I got home I had a few on my lower abdomen. They aren't really bad they are white and I used Strivecton and it worked in fading them.


Christina - June 1

I am 28 weeks and I haven't gotten them either! Hopefully it will stay that way! We shall see. Everybody is different!


Christina - June 1

My first pregnancy I had no stretch marks my second appears to be the same. It is elasticity and genetics. Creams help but it is all in your genes and skin.


Lynn - June 1

I am 14 weeks and have started to see the beginnings of them (my husband KINDLY pointed them out to me!). I had them on my b___bs from about 6 weeks, just on the outsides of them, but now I see a few starting on my hips. I have been using the good old cocoa b___ter religiously day & night and haven't gained a lot of weight either. I guess I just have the genetics for them. Lucky Me!


BBK - June 1

You may never get them. My wife - 33 weeks- is often asked if she's having twins (she's not as far as I know!) but no signs of stretchmarks yet. If that skin can hold on for a few more weeks....


P - June 1

I hate to tell you ladies because, like you all, I didn't have any for my whole pregnancy but, lucky me, I got them AFTER I had my daughter!!!. I thought that was just rude. I didn't get many but I was so smug because both my sisters and my mother have what looks like a roadmap of the world on there tummies so I was totally expecting them and when I didn't get them... I would like to know why you get Stretch marks when you Shrink? So wrong.... lol I used the creams as well so maybe they helped.


KellyB - June 1

I think it just depends on the elasticity of your skin and how quickly you grow. I got stretch marks on my legs from a growth spurt when I was in my teens. To date I have been trying to help my skin as much as possible by drinking lots of water and lathering up with lotion but I am sure it's going to happen on my belly with 10 weeks to go.


April - June 1

I'm 33 weeks and the only stretchmark I have is from where my belly ring was... (wouldn't have had that one though if it wasn't peirced).. my doctor told me that normally what your mother had is what you'll have... I think he's right because my mom didn't have any stretchmarks either... and I am also about the same size as she was when she was pregnant with my older sister :)



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