When Do U Feel The Baby Kick

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hana - May 30

just wondering how early/soon in ur pregnancy did u feel ur baby kick?...this is my first time and how does it actually feel like?... sharp pain? cramps? etc... thank u


smichellem23 - May 30

well I started feeling my baby kick around 4 months. Dont worry it dosn't hurt at all....lol. It feels like little flutters in your stomache, or like someone is just lightly tapping on the inside of your stomache.


kelley32 - May 30

Good way to describe it ... I felt my daughter for the first time at 16 weeks, and it felt alot like gas to me, or sort of like when you touch a fish and it darts away from you.


Ddvinson3 - May 30

LOL I like how y'all explained it! To me I felt him around 18 weeks really good and I actually knew that it was him. But it sort of did feel like gas or even a fish flopping in your stomach. Now I'm 23 weeks and he doesn't stop now some of his kicks are painful! He likes my bladdar and tends to stomp on it! LOL But it goes away and it's kind of funny!


lexa - May 30

I am 22 weeks and have been feeling the baby for the past 2 1/2 weeks. The women described it very well. Like little flutters (a fish in a bowl), mistaken for gas bubbles, or like a little b___terfly movin around in there. It is very easy to dismiss at first. Then it will get more frequent and last in longer spurts which you will know for sure.It won't feel like a kick at first. I know with my first pg, I didn't feel him until I was further along. How far along are you now?


Ashleyg - June 4

i had heard when you first felt the baby move it would feel like flutters, or bubbles popping or like there was a fish inside you...i started feeling the baby about a week ago (22 weeks), and it felt like one of those twitchy muscle spasms at first...now i know its him because he keeps tapping at my bladder!


jessicajo - June 5

I am 20 weeks now and feel her move every once in a while mostly on my left side just kinda like something bumping me and there is no pain from this yet


mandee25 - June 6

I first felt the flutters at about 15 weeks which is quite early for a first time mom but I asked my doc yesterday if that was possible and she said yes it was. It doesn't last long but when I feel Peanut move it makes me happy.



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