When Do You Quot Drop Quot

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crystal - April 28

I feel stupid asking this question but when do you actually drop? What does it mean once you've droped? im 31weeks pregnant and everryone keeps telling me it look like I've droped? Does this mean I might have an early labor?


Kris - April 28

I dropped at 30 weeks with my son. I had him on his exact due date.. no problems at all. It just means the baby is getting in position. After a while the baby runs out of room and finally gets as cozy as possible, the head starts moving down a litte. Of course this is my unscientific and non medical opinion, but I can't help but to think gravity has something to do with it. I was HUGE and it had to go somewhere... and that somewhere is down!!!!


E - April 28

I knew my baby dropped b/c I could no longer walk due to the pressure of his head on my sacrum and nerves. I am not kidding. I was in physical therapy and on percosets for the final 3 weeks due to an almost complete incapacitation. My sacrum was swollen so badly you could see it through thin pants. It sucked. I have never had pain like that in my life. As soon as he was born, poof, the pain disappeared. I think you will know it when the baby drops. I doubt it has, as you still have several weeks to go. People were saying the same to me and they didn't know what they were talking about. Some women carry low.


E - April 28

Oh, to answer your question. My OB said that on average, once a woman drops, she will go in to labor ~ 2 weeks later. Of course, there are women who go much longer. It is just the average. I would ask your OB at your next appt. Good luck:)


Lynn - April 28

Most women drop a few weeks before delivery for 1st time pregnancies & anywhere to a few days to a few hours before for subsequent babies. I agree with E though.. everyone likes to be the first to predict your lablr. My MIL and a friend were talking about my sister in law and how she had dropeed but "not nearly enough to have that baby yet though!" at about 4 pm and her water broke at 6 am the next day. And it may be that you haven't actually dropped but the baby is filling out more below & running out of room above...


April - April 28

could you possibly just be carrying low too? my doctor told me that sometimes it's good to carry low because it tends to stretch everything out down there more so you have an easier labor...



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