When Do You Feel

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Mrs.Ireland - January 18

the baby in your tummy? How far long were all you girls? What does it feel like? I will be 12 weeks next week!!!


baby020607 - January 18

I was probably between 16 and 17 weeks. It felt kind of like feathery light touches from the inside, and I really didn't think it was actually the baby I was feeling until I had my U/S at 18w4d and I could feel baby move at the same time as I was seeing it on the screen.


jessica72 - January 18

I started feeling flutters around week 15, but like one or two a day. Then at week 19, whammo...they were little thuds and kicks. From that week till today (24weeks) I feel her everyday, usually a few kicks every two hours or so, sometimes more sometimes less. Hang in there! You'll know when it's your baby.


Mrs.Ireland - January 18

I am just so excited!!! Thanks for your responds, it helps a lot :-)


DownbutnotOUT - January 18

This is my 5th pregnancy, missed m/c in may, and i felt this wee one move 10 1/2-11 weeks! I know what gas feels like and I have a sensitive uterine scar from previous csections and I could fele it moving across the scar. Soon after i felt kicks and it is a very active baby.


notquitesure - January 20

i have felt my baby from early on, she is my second so i remember what to look for but it was about 9-10 weeks..feels like b___terflies very far away b___terflies..lol


lawlady72 - January 20

yeah actually I have been feeling little b___terfly movements, my docs keeps saying it's too early (i'm 10 w 3 days) but I know this does not feel like gas, I mean come on we've all had gas before being pregnant, why should it feel this much different now? I think they tell us this so we don't get too excited before 12 weeks and we are in the safety zone so to speak.


lawlady72 - January 20

p.s. this is my second and I remember what they felt like the first time


mnp414 - January 24

I believe I was 18 weeks...Its a wonderful fluttery feeling. Its gets more frequent and intense as time goes by.



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