When Do You Get An Amnio

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maple - February 22

I'm now about 7 weeks along. When can I get an amnio? I'm 37.


Val - February 22

The earliest you can get an amnio is usually around week 15. The amniotic sac has to be attached to the uterine wall, and that usually happens by week 15. They'll do an utrasound when you go in for the amnio to make sure it's attached, and also to guide the needle. I'm 37 also and had amnio done at week 15 in December (with no problems/side effects, except lots of worry, and great results). Good luck to you!


nic - February 22

Do please be aware that amnio carries a 1 in 200 chance of miscarriage!!! If your baby was alive would you let a doctor do a non-necessary thing to it that carried a 1 in 200 chance of death???


maple - February 22

Thank you Val. Nic, I don't really see amnio as a non-necessary thing because of my age.


Melissa30 - February 22

Before they do an amnio you should have a triple screen or quad screen done. That will show any abnormalities without indangering your baby. Good Luck.


moescrilla - February 22

She's saying non-necessary because...well, in some peoples opinion its really not. I didnt even get triple-screening test because that has such a high rate of false positive, that I wasnt going to get the amnio regardless because of the risk of miscarriage. I would love my baby if it had a medical problem or not, so I really didnt care to do all that. Some people would like to be prepared though, and thats why they do it. Some people do it because they may want to abort (no comment on that one)


nic - February 22

I tsorta hink the test may be valuable if you would *definitely* abort if the baby had Down's or something, or if you were the type that "had" to have the mental preparation necessary to bring a Down's baby into the world... but just so long as they are aware of the risks. No matter how old I am, I will never do the amnio at this stage of pregnancy. I've already had 6 miscarriages and to put myself up to the risk of another one is just silly, and it would be just my luck to lose this pregnancy as well.


Val - February 23

You can also ask for the nuchal translucency test before the amnio (it's usually done between weeks 11-13). However this test (like the quad or triple screen) often has a high rate of false positive. We did the NT and got a 1:59 chance of Down syndrome which was a "postive screen". That put our risk for DS at higher than the risk for miscarriage from the amnio. It was still not easy to decide to do the amnio given our history of miscarriage and a year of ttc before conceiving this baby, but in the end we were very glad we did it. The decision to do amnio should definitely not be taken lightly but going through the process we learned that the 1:200 risk that is often quoted is the same stat that has been quoted for 20+ years, and that the risk is usually much lower, especially if you have amnio done with doctors who specialize in it. A new study just came out saying that the risk may be as low as 1:1600... google news "amniocentesis" and you should find some info...


maple - February 24

Thanks. I'm feeling better with all this info.


keishanh - February 26

Well I'm 28 years old and I just had an amnio because my triple screen test was abnormal for down syndrome. Have you had a triple screen test yet?



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