When Do You Start Showing And When Do You Tell

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C - April 14

I know everyone is different, but when do you start showing a bit that your pregnant? Also, how long do you wait to tell people? Two or three months?


Heidi - April 14

We told everyone when I was only like 4 wks pregnant. I'm at 13 and still not showing but just my close family and friends can see I've gained an extra 5 lbs but to anyone else I look the same. I have no real belly either, the weight just kind of went to my b___t and sides and b___bs!!!! I can still wear my regular clothes. It's up to you when you want to tell people and what you're comfortable with. I wanted to wait 12 wks to tell everyone so I knew the risk of miscarriage was gone but I was sick and it was obvious something was up.


tara - April 14

The fist time we tolled people right away and I had a m/c and the hardest thing about that was that I was still running into people who didn't know about the m/c and kept asking me how the baby was. But this time we waited until 2 1/2 months then tolled everyone - but our close family (parents and sibblings) knew after the first month. As far as showing, I started showing in the 4th month but between the 2nd and 3rd month those who knew I was preggo could see I had gained a couple of pounds.


Karen - April 14

My story is simliar to Tara, We told close friends and family only. After the miscarriage they were the only ones to tell. With this pregnancy I told only my best friend and close family in the first month, now into my fourth everyone is finding out on their own. Telling is all up to you, tell who you feel confortable telling as time goes on everyone will know soon. I am just barely showing. Although like Tara, b___sts,b___t and tighs seem to be expanding just a round pouch in the belly which seems to now be expanding. Best of luck


Foxy - April 14

We wanted to tell everyone after 12 weeks, but when I was 6 weeks we had dinner with my parents and my mum questioned why I wasn't drinking wine. I wanted to lie but as soon as I opened my mouth my face went red and started twitching! I just couldn't hide my emotions and needless to say, she guessed. The news just sort of leaked out after that and by the time I was 12 weeks everybody knew. I've only just started to show even though I'm 19 weeks. I can still hide it with a big baggy sweater though.



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